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We’ve posted on the subject of doctors and weight several times before so when a colleague forwarded me an article from the New York Times titled “Should Doctors Lecture Patients about Their Weight?,” I skimmed it without expecting to learn a lot. But I was wrong. I found a delightful blog written by a physician “Dr. Rob.” The name of the blog: Musings of a Distractible Mind.

I haven’t had a lot of time to browse the blog but thought Dr. Rob’s musings about shame over body weight were worth sharing, especially his closing comments.

Is obesity a problem? Sure it is. But we need to get off of our self-righteous pulpits. Obese people should not be made into a group of outcasts. The “them” mentality and the finger-wagging are no more than insecure people trying to feel better by putting down others.

Sounds like a doctor I’d like to visit. Although I am blessed with doctors here in Vermont who don’t feel like they need to lecture me about anything, much less my weight. We are all adults and as Dr. Rob says, ”

Obese people are rarely under the impression that it is perfectly fine that they are overweight. They rarely are surprised to hear a person saying that their weight is at the root of many of their problems. Obese people are the new pariahs in our culture; it used to be smokers, but now it is the overweight.”

The only thing I’d say about that quote is that I think many more problems are attributed to overweight than is actually the case.

Read the rest of his post, and if you find any other great musings, let us know. I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

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