Are You Really Enjoying What You’re Eating?


What’s for dinner? Chicken and broccoli.

It sounds delicious, right!? But if that’s what for dinner every night it can get dull pretty quickly.

It’s easy to fall into a “food rut”. For many of us we want to eat healthfully, but we’ve become trapped by patterns that leave us bored to tears eating the same foods day in and day out. We don’t remember to stop and ask “am I enjoying this?”

Eating has become an automatic (and less joyful) hand-to-mouth activity and before long we’ve been eating the same 10 foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past 6 months! Yuck!

Move forward with a fresh new perspective that can make all the difference.

Learn More Flexible Models of Eating

Imagine if you had an easy way to satisfy your cravings, to eat just the right amount and never have to judge your food as good or bad or count calories? You don’t have to be as enlightened as a Buddha eating a salad, in fact, when you do Body Kindness, you banish food rules.

I embrace two flexible models of eating – Intuitive Eating and Competent Eating. These are models built on self awareness, not diets. You’ll tune in to your body, eat as much as you need, and all the foods you love.

Follow your gut.

If your gut is telling you to try something new, go for it! Eating what you want can help you avoid overeating.

Break out of food jail.

If you’ve tallied every last calorie at the end of each day it’s time to phase it out. There’s more to your health than calories in vs. calories out. Surrender to the food war and eat something “bad”. So you ate a bowl of ice cream, you didn’t do anything bad.

Play With Your Food.

Let the creating of your meal be as fun as eating it. Notice everything you can about your meal while you’re bringing it together, from the farmer who grew it to the grocer or farm market where you got it. Put on music and dance or sway. Bring more joy to your experience of taking the time to nourish your body.

Tune into your “Hunger Number”.

Hunger Gauge scale appetite cues

Check in on your numbers during eating experiences to sense how your body responds.

I’m a big believer that if you really want something, and you’re hungry you should not deprive yourself. If you get it and enjoy it you’re more likely eating for nourishment needs instead of emotional.

The longer you follow flexible behaviors, the easier they become and the best part is, you actually really enjoy them.

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