Do What You Can, Even if it’s Not Perfect


“I think every writer would rather have people read books, committed as we are to the word. But I’d rather have them listen to it than not at all.”
FRANK McCOURT, on the growing popularity of audio books.

One of the “trick questions” Green Mountain’s Fitness Director, LynnAnn Covell likes to ask participants is “What is the best exercise?”

Shouts of “Nordic Skiing” “Dancing” “Weight Training” “Cardio Glide” “Roller Skating” “Basketball” fill the air. LynnAnn slowly shakes her head, and says “No, you’re all wrong…the best exercise is the one that you will actually do.” Mouths fly open, first to argue, then with shock as the realization dawns that what they just heard was the truth!

Just like the quote from Frank McCourt, what’s possible and doable is always better than what’s perfect, whether you’re discussing exercise, eating, listening to books or shaving your legs.

Lynnann provides some tips for Overcoming Exercise Obstacles in a FitBriefing article – some words of encouragement to help beat off all the gremlins that stand in your way. And if this picture reminds you of you, juggle some time for yourself into the mix.

Successful lifestyle change is more than quick fixes, diets that don’t work or weight loss boot camps… it’s about you and your decision to start taking of YOU! Not the latest, greatest healthspa!

4 responses to “Do What You Can, Even if it’s Not Perfect”

  1. Gina V says:

    Thanks for your comment Amy – I think most of us are stuck in that mode of black and white, all or nothing thinking and find it less and less satisfying, but still have trouble breaking the cycle. You might want to read the article about failure and realistic expectations too, it’s at

  2. A says:

    Gina! You’re absolutely right. I’ve been stuck in that perfection cycle of “if I don’t have time and I can’t do it right, I just won’t do it”

    When I do what I can whether it’s parking a little farther away from the mall entrance or taking a quick walk around town. I increase my exercise – I know I’ve done something good for myself – and I feel better about me!

    Thanks Gina!

  3. Lori says:

    Gina – what a timely post. I had a revelation the other day – I finally got the concept of exercising to feel better. Not exercising to lost weight or exercising cause I know that I should. I was on yet another business trip and didn’t have to leave for the airport until 10am so I went down to the gym, plugged in the headphones, and ran on the treadmill. I realized that I was just having fun – I felt good, I was happy. It’s hard to explain but it was uplifting – I’m no longer looking at exercise as a necessary evil but embracing it. It took 2 years to get here but it was worth the wait.

  4. Gina V says:

    That’s a real milestone and something to be celebrated! Realizing you do something because it feels good is building in it’s own reward system. And you’re also right that it is a process, something different and personal for everyone!

    Congratulations! I’m really happy for you!

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