Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat?


I spent some time over the weekend reading up on the ‘fat gene’.  Many of you may have been reading about it too and wondering, ‘Am I the one in ten? Do I have the dreaded gene?

A new study which comes from research led by Alan Hebert, MBChB, PhD., of the genetics and genomics department at Boston University’s Medical School, delved much further and studied more people (approx. 4000 from different parts of Western Europe), than the previous Farmington Study and revealed that one in ten people carry a gene variant pattern that has a relationship with obesity.

The INSIG2 gene is concerned with the metabolism of fat and can be linked to some obesity in people. It is definitely worth mentioning that the aspects of diet and exercise and how it affects obesity were not parts of this study.  So, bottom line, the gene could be a variable in some obesity, but is very possibly not the only reason.

I don’t know if finding out you have it is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand you can say, ‘see, it’s not just me, I’m fat because I have the fat gene!’ But, the flipside of that coin is, weight management will always be that much tougher.

Honestly, the whole concept gives me a bit of a headache.  However, the general perception that all fat people simply lack will power, self control and the moral fiber to lose weight may now be given a much needed re-think.

Those of us, who have struggled with weight off and on for years, know of course, that there is no simple solution to weight management. Despite what fat camps and women’s spas for weight loss say. And to get hung up on whether you have it or you don’t may not serve much purpose other than to give one a little peace of mind – if you need it.

If you want to know more about the gene, read here.

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