Divorcing “Exercise”


Yes, you read that right! Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run we decided a long time ago that divorcing “exercise” was in everyone’s best interest.

Don’t get us wrong. We love moving our bodies — it’s one of the best ways many of us can feel better fast.

But to do that consistently, we need to give up the traditional old thoughts, trendy new fads, and everything in between about this dreaded word: exercise. The word that has caused severe physical and/or emotional trauma for many people.

Think Movement, Not Exercise

At Green Mountain we MOVE. We move our bodies because it feels good.

There’s no “should” or “have to”. It’s all about “want”. What do I want, rather than what should I do.

The difference is transformational.

It replaces the anxiety, stress and shame with a new exciting relationship with movement, joy and play.

Change What You’re Looking For from Physical Activity

That also means divorcing old meanings that come up when we mention the word exercise. Things like:

  • Burning calories
  • No pain, no gain
  • More is better
  • Feel the burn
  • Push harder and dig deeper

You can see how brand-new meanings like these below can make a huge difference.

  • Feeling good
  • Getting stronger
  • Moving better
  • Having fun
  • Living life


Green Mountain at Fox Run can help. Join us this summer in scenic Vermont to discover just how good physical activity can feel. Our movement professionals are skilled in adapting activities to make them doable for women of all abilities.

Contact us today to speak with a Program Advisor.

A Different Experience that Keeps You Coming Back for More

My previous post “23 Ways to Make Exercise Feel Like Play Again” spells out the many fun activity and movement opportunities we offer here at Green Mountain each week.

It’s clear: There are plenty of different ways to move that provide fun, feel-good benefits that leave you feeling refreshed and on the road to wellness.  

When our participants experience these, they emerge with a different outlook on what it means to move their bodies. They actually say they are excited about continuing at home!

  • We make moving our bodies about enjoyment and sustainability.
  • There’s a focus on function, mobility, strength and confidence.
  • We create ways to move that help our participants to live the life they want to live.

KayakWhether the goal is to be able to play a game of kickball with family, hoist a suitcase into the overhead bin, walk the streets of Paris, or get on the floor to play with grandchildren, our movement program gets them well on their way.

Summer time is a great time here at Green Mountain at Fox Run to try new things and to experience new environments. You can take hikes to trails, paths, mountains and waterfalls. It’s a chance to experiment with kayaking, swimming and paddle boarding. You can ride a bike into town, play volleyball, croquet, or horseshoes or enjoy a throwback moment in time by playing hopscotch or hula hooping.

Are you ready for a divorce? A divorce from the should’s, have to’s and drudgery of “exercise”?

Join us and find  joy in moving your body and discover just how good it can feel.

Are you ready to divorce “exercise”?

If you’re looking to start moving your body in a safe, supportive environment with knowledgeable fitness instructors, Green Mountain is summer is the place to be!

Contact us to book your stay.

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Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, CIEC

Former Program Director at Green Mountain | Program Director at Shaping Perspectives - A Woman’s Way to Joy

By sharing experiences and lessons learned through her writing, Anne’s goal is to first, help women finally feel free enough to break away from their dieting chains and learn how to listen and honor their body’s internal cues. Second, to discover and experience more joy in moving their bodies and finally, understand the importance of taking time for themselves. Her philosophy of strengthening the connections among participants’ minds, hearts and bodies fits perfectly with Green Mountain’s philosophy of lasting change through comprehensive, integrative health programming. Anne is the Program Director at Shaping Perspectives - A Woman’s Way to Joy and former Program Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

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