I Feel Good! Taking a Different Approach to Weight Loss


I feel good.  Go figure.

I mean, really, I didn’t expect to feel so good.  When I enrolled in Green Mountain’s program, I expected to find a new diet, a new miracle cure or some secret equation to help me lose weight.  There, I admit it!

A Different Approach to Weight Loss

My focus when I decided to go to Green Mountain was to lose weight without thought at all of learning anything else; certainly not a holistic approach to health or a lifestyle pattern of healthy thinking coupled with exercise and support.

been on a diet for two weeks quoteNope, I just wanted to be skinny.  And I was willing to sacrifice to be skinny. I ponied up the dough to enroll and was willing to suffer for my goal.

I mean, in the past, every diet I have ever been on required some form of self-sacrificing torture…

Unbelievable hunger pangs, really bad breath, debilitating fatigue, increased moodiness, insomnia, mental fogginess, not to mention the time and effort I put into weighing, measuring, shopping for bizarre foods, getting shots (growth hormone and placenta), calculating and charting.  It’s exhausting just recounting all the insanity.

Things are different this time around.

Moving Past the Diet & Fitness Mentality

It kind of snuck up on me — not on my cerebral radar, so to speak.

  • I’ve been concentrating on the plate model and healthier forms of food when shopping and mindful eating.
  • I’ve been dedicated to getting in some meaningful exercise and working the psychology of my relationship to food.
  • I’ve been keeping my eye on my long-term goal of improved health through a sane relationship with food when, yesterday, I sat down to lunch and, while taking my five deep breaths and centering myself for the meal, realized that I feel good!

Just that simple, I feel good.  I feel healthy.  I feel alert.  I feel rested and energetic and positive and enthused and committed and comfortable.

How ‘bout that one!  Yes, I feel comfortable with my body, its size and shape, and I feel optimistic about the future of my mind/body relationship. I don’t feel pressured or challenged or deprived or inadequate or unattractive or any of the other feelings that diets have made me feel.  It’s downright strange to be on a path toward health that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t deprive, doesn’t diminish or judge.

A Comfortable Sense of Healthiness

The holidays are coming and, now that I’m starting to feel some of the positive changes taking place in my life, I’m hoping that this sense of healthiness will steer me toward healthy choices throughout the holiday season.

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I’m hoping that remembering how lousy I felt before Green Mountain is in the fore of my thinking when deciding to make time for the treadmill or have a second glass of eggnog because, like James Brown said, I feel good!

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