Diet Tip – Enjoy Your Food!


Imagine a day scientists discover that foods you like are more nutritious than those you don’t.

That day occurred more than 25 years ago. A series of experiments run by researchers in Sweden and Thailand showed that people absorb more iron from meals that appeal to them than from meals they find less appetizing.

Promoters of good nutrition throughout much of the world appear to have taken note. Britain’s number-one guideline, ahead of admonitions to eat more fiber and less fat, is simply: ”Enjoy your food.” Norway, in its own set of guidelines, reminds its citizens that ”food and joy equal health,” while Vietnam counsels people to have food ”that is delicious . . . and served with affection.”

In stark contrast, the latest edition of the US Dietary Guidelines, released last month, make no allusion that nutrition and taking pleasure in eating have anything to do with each other. Some believe it may be that very disconnection that is contributing to Americans’ less-than-optimal diets, not to mention obesity.

I really can’t add anything to this….if we could really stop and think about this the next time we look at “healthy” mush, and remember how wonderful fresh blueberries are, or the delight of spinach sauteed in garlic and oil rather than boiled to death.

For some help making these thought changes, take a look at Marsha Hudnall’s practical tips on adding pleasure to your eating in “Pump Up the Pleasure.”

Bon Appetit!

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