Are You a Diet Addict?


It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to…magic weight loss solutions. If only….

I’m an addict!

jessica simpson dieting yahoo newsI had no idea.  I mean, really, I had no idea that I am a diet addict until yesterday when I saw a piece on Yahoo about Jessica Simpson.

Simpson Ticks Off Weight Watchers

Seems Weight Watchers is ticked off that she espoused a double cleanse regimen while she was a spokesperson for their company.

Jessica Simpson Promotes Pills That ‘Melt Fat’

Jess sang the praises of some pill that is derived from an Indonesian plant that supposedly melts away fat.  Coupled with another pill that washes away said melted fat along with other toxins and impurities, the duo make for the Holy Grail of weight loss plans.

Wow, that sounds pretty amazing, right!  I clicked away from the piece, knowing full-well that I’ve read the term “Holy Grail” of diet plans more times than my brain can count or my credit card can afford.

But later, like several hours later, the name of the product was still in my head, just swimming around there, intentionally piquing my addict’s curiosity.

“Come on”, it said, “just take a closer look.  Maybe it will work in conjunction with the Green Mountain healthy weight loss program. Like a little “booster” kind of thing.  No one even has to know about it.”

We’ve All Searched For The ‘Holy Grail’ Diet Before Without Success

I couldn’t ignore the willie any longer. I sat down at my computer and punched in the miracle cure, only to find lots of websites offering the product for sale.

I scanned the list and one site warning of the dangers of ingesting the supplement caught my eye so I clicked on the site to find that (no surprise here) it is unregulated by the FDA and no studies have been done on its toxicity or adverse reactions even though there have been reports of severe reactions to the plant material and/or the non-regulated additives in the end product.

So, claims the internet, it might work and it might kill you.

mae west diet auoteA gamble, by the way, that I have been more than comfortable taking many, many times.  I suppose I am lucky that the greatest failure of the myriad weight loss supplements I have tried is on the scale and not in one of my major organs.

The diet addiction urge had passed.

I smiled, put my credit card away and clicked off the internet. No thank you.  Not this time.  Not ever again. Not ever, ever, ever again.

I’ll keep on focusing on mindful eating, exercise and acceptance and try to keep that weight loss diet addiction at bay.

Learn how Green Mountain can help you end eating and weight struggles and feel good again. It’s not a magic cure but it is a real solution.  

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