Diabetes Care Gets High-Tech: Gadgets Help You Manage


We ran across this product recently and thought it was an interesting preview of things to come in terms of health care for people with chronic illnesses.  We’re not endorsing it or this method of diabetes management — we haven’t seen or tested it — but thought you might find it interesting, too.

Research underscores that a healthy lifestyle is the basic strategy for diabetes management.  But even when that’s in place, testing, medications and doctor check-ups can still take more time and attention than we’d like.  Enter technology.

The WellDoc Diabetes Manager claims that it can turn your cell phone into a “virtual diabetes coach.” The program enables you to get testing and medication reminders on your phone, as well as instructions from your physician. In addition WellDoc’s “virtual endocrinologist” can suggest an action plan to the doctor. The phone tracks your progress and offers two-way messaging and contact with a health care provider. Check out the demo.

All of the data (medication use, glucose levels) are sent to a server where they can be accessed by your doctor. WellDoc points out that many people with diabetes have just a few moments to meet with their doctor each month to discuss all aspects of their health. Given that reality, it would seem that these devices may help to empower people to monitor their health more independently and to record daily insulin levels in one easily accessible place.

For more high-tech help for diabetes, check out the diabetes iPhone application, discussed on Diabetes Mine. Or see this company-sponsored diabetes channel on YouTube, via Diabetes Health.

It’s fascinating to watch the many ways that diabetes care is going digital.

Give us your feedback! Would you want to monitor your diabetes on a cell phone?

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