The Great Green Mountain Detox?


Wait. Green Mountain, the pioneering NON-DIET place is recommending a DETOX?

We are surrounded by detox plans—on the covers of magazines and newspapers, popping up on Facebook and websites. Sometimes, they even get their own TV infomercial slot. And they all say the same thing. They’re going to make you feel great and look better.

At Green Mountain, we believe there are no foods you cannot have, and we don’t classify foods as ‘detoxifying’. But we do have a great Detox Plan that can help you live a happier and healthier life.

A different kind of Detox Plan

Let’s take a look at 3 toxic things, and take action:


  1. Fire the judge. That judge that lives inside all of our heads, the one that judges your every move. Judges what you eat or don’t eat, judges your activities, your body, and your thoughts, then makes sure to tell you how you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or thin enough. It is time to terminate this judge for good. This judge has made enough money off of you to retire nicely in an upscale Florida neighborhood. Say goodbye. It is time to detox from this harsh judgment of yourself.
  1. Cut out comparisons. The constant wishes…I wish I looked like that, had that body, that lifestyle, could eat like that, was as strong as that…and on and on and on. Comparisons are a direct blow to your self-esteem. They knock you down and deteriorate your body image and self-confidence. Remember this: No one in the world has your unique gene set, and no one has lived your experiences in your You are the only one who can play the lead in the story of YOU. This is the moment to detox from comparisons, step into yourself and play hard AS YOU.
  1. Nix the negative self talk. How many years have you heard that negative voice inside your head? You know the one. It tells you how “stupid”, “fat”, or “clumsy” you are, or how much of a “failure” you continue to be. These thoughts have become intricate superhighways in your brain — easy to drive along and popping up everywhere. It is time for a detox, a detour. Drive a different route, go a different direction and say something with some compassion, strength, confidence or joy. For example: “Yes, I can” “I am capable of doing this”, “I am strong or I am getting stronger every day” or “I deserve to be happy”

Not a quick fix. A lifestyle change.

Here are the steps to jump-start our Detox Plan, and create change that will last.

STEP 1: STOP and NOTICE these destructive thoughts that come into our heads.

STEP 2: REDIRECT and begin to change the direction of these thoughts.

Remember when the firefighters came to school when you were young and taught you to “Stop, Drop and Roll?” Now, when your mind becomes engulfed in the flames of Judgement, Comparison and Negative Self-Talk, you will STOP, NOTICE and REDIRECT.

Put out the fire and detox your mind, the Green Mountain Way.

6 responses to “The Great Green Mountain Detox?”

  1. Jil Meacham says:

    I love this!!!! Green Mountain truly saved me from myself. It changed my path forever.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, AFAA says:

      Miss you Jil! Thank you for bringing your wonderful self here so we could all meet you and share in your positivity!

  2. Valerie Westcott says:

    It’s definitely time for me to Stop, Notice, and Redirect. With health issues I forget that pain can engulf my whole body, from how I think, to what I think I can do, versus what I really CAN DO.

    • Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, AFAA says:

      Thanks for the comment Valerie. When we begin to travel downward, if we can notice it first we can redirect to other thoughts that can serve us rather than pull us further down. Keep on using the Can word!

  3. Luty Martinez says:

    Dearest Anne,
    Thank you. Basically we are talking about a MENTAL detox. And that is new to me. I am so much more conscious/mindful of my self talk. I thank my body. I do not know how to explain. I took my body for granted. In my self talk I thank my knees, my lungs, my muscles. In my last walk to the stop sign I saw a bird getting her worm to eat. And I loved the pine smell. (X-mas trees to me).

    • Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, AFAA says:

      Thanking our bodies for all they do is so important. Great Self-Talk Luty. Those lungs and knees do a lot for you. Noticing, and being in the present moment. So glad to have met you.

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