You Can’t Hate Yourself Healthy: Rebecca Scritchfield on Creating a Better Life Through Body Kindness


In our continuing series of interviews of people we admire for their work to help women who struggle with eating, exercise and body image, I’m happy to present Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN.

Welcome to A Weight Lifted. We’re so pleased to feature you in an e-interview. You’re a busy woman! You’re a well-being coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified health and fitness specialist. And you recently published a new book Body Kindness: Transform your health from the inside out and never say diet again. Are we missing anything?

I’m a mom of two young girls. They are my world and I’m fully committed to taking down diet culture for their benefit, or at least help them thrive in our society that far too often values appearance over health and self-acceptance.

Tell us – why were you drawn to this work? What is it like working in this area?

I was a dieter growing up, on and off, and I struggled with my body image. I devoured all the magazine content and was convinced that health was about eating low calories and getting a tight butt or svelte arms.

No matter what I did in the name of “health,” I was never satisfied and now I realize I wasn’t healthy either.

Watch why Rebecca gave up on dieting.

I love this work because I know what it feels like to free yourself from the oppressive “thought bullies” that tell you over and again your body is a “problem” and the only “fix” is punishment.

You can’t hate yourself healthy, but with kindness you can create a better life. Doesn’t that just sound so much better?

A life of meaning and purpose flourishes on a foundation of a good well-being. I feel honored to go on this transformation with clients, readers, and Body Kindness podcast listeners. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Congratulations on your new book “Body Kindness”. What do you want everyone to know about your book? How does its message help readers with their relationships with food, exercise and self-care?

I want everyone to know that when you make choices from a place of love, connect to your body, and fully commit to taking care of yourself that is where life-changing habits happen.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve how you take care of yourself. But it’s never going to be someone else’s “rules” that will take you to happiness. That’s something ONLY YOU get to define.

Body Kindness guides you through this mindset shift with the bottom line science-based advice, helpful stories, and “spiral up” activities to encourage mindful reflection and planning with the goal of boosting your mood and pleasure.

In your book and in your work with your clients, how do you recommend that individuals get started on this journey to let go of weight loss and focus on finding a more meaningful life?

Go on a detox. I’m serious… a diet culture detox. Get a trash bag and get rid of anything that reminds you of oppressive diets and body shaming “thought bullies”.

Instead, post “inner caregiver” notes in random places (or not so random ones like mirrors and where you get dressed).

You really do need to “cleanse” yourself of all that noise to make space for this work to happen.

People struggle more early on when they have one toe in Body Kindness and everything else clinging to diet culture. Dive right into this positive approach.

Fear is a natural instinct and we can’t get rid of it. Take it with you and keep swimming anyway.

We share your values of self-acceptance and achieving health and well-being through living fully without body shame, living healthfully without dieting, and living mindfully. Therefore, we are excited to collaborate with you on #BeHerNow Body Kindness Weekend. Why did you decide to co-host this event with us?

behernow body kindness weekendFor me, #BeHerNow Body Kindness Weekend is all about the symbolism of the circle and my need to complete it – like closure.

Circles have powerful meaning of wholeness (that’s why they’re on the cover of Body Kindness). I started my liberation from diet culture at Green Mountain. Now I have the chance to share what I have learned in my own life, after decades of doing it “wrong” and “right”. I can pass the gifts on.

I have no doubt someone will show up who will later credit this weekend with me at Green Mountain as the beginning of their transformation. It’s the least I can do to express gratitude for my life today.

We are a community. We are born to connect. The people who are called to come will appear. I trust that. Plus… it’s going to be FUN!

Finally, what else do you want our readers to know about you and the work you do? Where else can our readers find you?

I would love everyone to watch my video “why we need body kindness” to hear from other people on how dieting has hurt them.

I have a free e-course at my website. It’s on-demand and you’ll get an invite to join my private Facebook group too just for Body Kindness “insiders.”

Want more Body Kindness?

Registration is open for #BeHerNow Body Kindness Weekend. Register now to take advantage of our early bird 10% off discount because it’s your turn to #BeHerNow.

You’ll learn the principles of Rebecca’s Body Kindness blueprint in addition to Green Mountain’s healthy living strategies. Most of all, you’ll have fun!

Here’s another option – join us for a full week! Arrive on May 28th for a full week of Body Kindness.


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