Ok, come on now. A cookie diet? Is there anything right with that sentence? It’s 2007 and we’re still entertaining the idea of healthy lifestyle change via diet cookies, powders and shakes? Worse yet, do news organizations still consider this news?

Here’s the skinny, another ‘medically supervised’ diet, the Smart for Life Weight Management Program, known as the Cookie Diet, has come out this week promoting their new (albiet old) diet which they claim helps people successfully slim down.

"It’s basically protein bars, that are cut into two-inch by two-inch squares," said Allan Magaziner, medical director of the Smart for Life Weight Management Centers in the Philadelphia. According to their website the low-calorie diet’s daily intake consists of six cookies which contain some amino acids, proteins and fibers that supposedly help curb hunger for a period of time. (Do they ever?) Also offered are shakes and soups for alternatives (Is this is new?) and a regular dinner consisting of meat or fish and fresh vegetables. (What, no pasta, no whole grains, no fruit?)

So, I ask you…why can’t you have real meals the other two meals of the day, instead of cookies and shakes? What’s the logic? The typical diet bar and/or shake is between 190 and 280 calories. Instead of a 2X2 inch bar, why not have a bowl of oatmeal and some fresh fruit, or a piece of toast, with peanut butter, jam and a ripe yummy banana with a cold glass of skim milk? You tell me which is healthier and more satisfying?

You know what? Why not buy yourself some real cookies for a good cause. The Girl Scouts of America’s cookie sales campaign ramps up this week. Just so’s ‘ya know, I’m a ‘thin mints’ kinda gal.

And pour me a glass of milk, please…

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  1. Leah from montreal says:

    I have been on this diet and what you are reading is untrue, the caloric value of a cookie is 80 and you eat 6 a day until maintenance and the diet is tailored to you from your medical supervision by the doctor.

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