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I believe in breakfast.  It’s just awesome.  I could get into why you should eat breakfast or how important protein is at breakfast, but, as you can see, we’ve covered this a few times already here at A Weight Lifted.  Besides, most of our readers seem to be pretty smart and knowledgeable about a thing or two, such as how eating a good breakfast is key to jumpstarting your metabolism in the morning.

But yet, there is often a disconnect between smart people who know they should be eating a good breakfast and their ability to make it happen.  Between getting kids out the door to catch the bus, making sure your spouse is ready for that big meeting, or getting YOU ready for that big meeting yourself, breakfast can easily fall by the wayside.

Even in my home, where I am fully trained to execute great meals fast, don’t need to leave for work until 9:30 am, my hubby works out of the house, and the only kids to worry about are of the feline variety, mornings can still be hectic and breakfast can be secondary to life’s crazy train.

It helps to have some good Plan B’s in the arsenal to get by on days when you’re out of bread and eggs and don’t have time to cook a batch of steel cut oats (or ran out of your stash in the freezer).

And if your breakfasts have been getting boring and lackluster, it’s important to think outside of the box to find more excitement in your AM vittles, too.  With this in mind, here are my all-time favorite picks for early morning nourishment.

  • Sesame Peanut Noodles.  On the rare occasions we have Chinese take-out, we’ll usually order the cold sesame noodles in addition to our dinner so that we can enjoy them for breakfast the next day.
  • Pasta or Potato Salad.  We always make extra with the intent of having them for breakfast with either hard boiled, poached, or over easy eggs, or a little proscuitto or bacon.
  • Samosas.  One of the few prepared foods I buy is all natural frozen samosas from the company Tandoor.  They’re a little spicy (perfect for warming you from the inside out on cold mornings!) and two are a nice breakfast.  They even come with chutney!
  • Ramen.  This go-to meal choice for college students everywhere is a great option for a quick hot breakfast.  My husband likes to have an over-medium egg atop his ramen, because the jellied yolk acts as a thickener for the broth.  I prefer getting a miso variety with tofu as my protein.  Either way, we splurge and buy organic ramen, which is five times more expensive than conventional, at a whopping $1 a package.
  • Pizza.  Rarely does pizza satisfy me at lunch or dinner.  A serving size is just so pitiful to me.  But if I know I’m going to enjoy two (or three) slices in the morning, it’s easier to enjoy my one (or two) at the evening meal.
  • Hummus.  Specifically, on a bagel.  It’s just so nice!  Plus it’s fun to say.  Hummusonabagel.  You try it.  😀  (Anything that will make me smile stupidly in the morning is a great thing.)
  • Baked Potato with Melty Cheese.  Microwave the potato all the way through and then top with Vermont Cheddah! (or whatever you’re into…)
  • Clif Bars.  My favorite Oh Crap! breakfast, since most stores on my way to work carry at least one variety.  Many nutritional bars don’t have enough carbohydrates to stand on their own as a good breakfast, but Clif Bars do, and they come in many tasty varieties.  (Chocolate?! Good mornin’, indeed!)  Plus their portability is perfect for those un-mindful (but sadly often necessary) breakfasts while driving.

What is your favorite un-breakfasty breakfast?

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