Feeling Good by Connecting to our Bodies


women in fitness classWhenever I ask a classful of women here to pull up favorite memories, they pretty much always recall times when they were in their bodies.

Foamy waves and salt water and bright sun. Beautiful days on vacation. Walking outside and smelling the breeze and seeing the bright new green of freshly unfurled leaves. Watching the sun go down over just mowed grass, smelling something cooking on the grill. Music blasting and losing themselves while dancing – in a class, with a partner, at a party.

The truth is we feel better when we are connected to our senses

It’s been just a little colder this winter than usual and yet I notice that the women at Green Mountain are in high spirits.

One of the reasons I believe this to be true is that they are fully embodied… as in connected to their bodies, experiencing many moments of physicality. And loving it. Even in these wintry temperatures there have been beautiful sunny walks, snow-shoeing, high energy music thumping Zumba, blissful early morning Tai Chi with the sun coming over the mountain top out the picture window in the studio.

Living in our bodies is better. Connecting to our senses… better. Swirling up there in your head and thoughts (around and around), not so much. Especially this time of year, it needs to be a deliberate intentional kind of thing because if you live anywhere north, things can feel a little blah.

Come back to your body. Come home to your senses.

We love that feeling of finding the connection, the pleasure, the intersection of all of it. The trick is to make it feel better, to figure out what will make it be just right, right?

This is not just about workouts – please don’t misunderstand. This is about finding ways to feel great, to add color, and music and beauty and connection in small ways every day.

How about...

  • A green apple and an orange orange for breakfast.
  • A bright pink yoga mat.
  • Add your favorite earrings that have been hiding in a box someplace in a drawer for who knows how long today.
  • Pull out your prettiest plate and cloth napkin for breakfast just for you (yes, stop saving it).
  • And those sheets still in the package, same thing, they’re for YOU!
  • How about downloading a handful of new songs from iTunes to shake up your routine or just your drive to work… that can make all the difference in the world.
  • Or even join one of the online exercise clubs like MyYogaOnline.com or Booya.com to access all sorts of new workouts for pennies a day.
  • Maybe host a little dinner party to break up the week… something simple (chili with a salad and a bottle of wine?)
  • Indulge in a beautiful BIG bar of gorgeous soap (I just bought one called “lettuce” it’s pale green and smells very fresh. $3.99 at TJ Maxx!

Anyways… you get the point. Small pleasures that reconnect you to your body, your senses will go a long way to helping you feel good.

And this time of year a little lift is extra important. Good feels good. I want that for you.

Tell us in the comments below any little niceties you’re trying this week.

4 responses to “Feeling Good by Connecting to our Bodies”

  1. Nancy McCullough says:

    I love reading these bits. Very uplifting and keeps me on point !

  2. Hey Nancy…so glad!

  3. Debbish says:

    I was regularly doing yoga for this very reason and wanted to do some meditation. (I haven’t gotten back into yoga this calendar year, but must make a point of it!) I’ve also started Burlesque dance classes to help me connect more with my body and ‘enjoy’ it more if that makes sense. I’m like 100lbs overweight so I suspect I’m a bit of a sight, but… that’s not really the point. It’s more for me than anyone else!

    • Lisa C. Briggs says:

      Hi and thanks for comment-I know that getting “back into” something isn’t always easy unless we let ourselves keep it small, as in pulling out the yoga mat at home for just a few favorite poses…which might feel like enough, and really good for now. I mostly do yoga at home b/c haven’t found a class I love since we moved in August. Burlesque classes sound sexy and fun (am hearing the bump-and-grind music in my head, although maybe it’s not like that at all!).

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