Break out of Your Comfort Zone to Get the Results You Want


magic happens posterAre you in the (comfort) zone?

If you are sick of plodding along doing the same things as always and hoping to get the results you have been aiming for, you are in good company.

It’s hard to really face the fact that to have a breakthrough in your way of eating or relationship with your body, that you have to do something different.

Because if you are still struggling, or if you are not seeing the outcomes you want, then whatever you are doing isn’t working. Sounds kind of obvious, but it’s all too easy to get stuck in your comfort zone, otherwise known as a rut!

Moving beyond your comfort zone

I see women play games with this all the time; they want to believe that someday whatever it is they are doing will suddenly produce new results. The truth is that to have a breakthrough it’s essential that you find a way to move beyond your comfort zone and do something new.

If you think about it, you probably have a strong intuitive hunch of what you could be doing differently. You know your body pretty well by now.

Try this at home

Grab some paper and a pen, (come on just humor me for a second).

  • Make a list of ideas without thinking too hard about what steps or specific actions you might take if you were willing to step out of your comfort zone. You are probably going to add a little of this, and take away a little of that.
  • You may consider trying something that you know is helping other people, but have resisted doing so far.
  • Your inner Wise Woman may even have whispered a particular idea to you more than once. Maybe it was “take that meditation class.” Or “go buy a journal.” Or even “You can’t do this on your own, get some support.”

Listen to your hunches

We get intuitive hunches and urgings all the time. If you aren’t listening you may be missing out on the inner-guidance that would truly create a breakthrough.

Just the idea of a breakthrough implies moving out of an existing place into something new. Even just tweaking a one or two things could make a big difference.

You may feel some fear and discomfort at the idea of doing something differently, and that’s totally understandable. But don’t let it stop you. See what calls to you, and take a chance. It could lead to something really big!

Tell us in the comments below one little action you are tempted to try, and use this forum to commit to trying it. This can be fun..go ahead, you first!

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