Cohabitation Can Make You Fat


Ok, that title may be an oversimplification, but at one time or another haven’t you lamented, “If only I had a personal shopper, chef and trainer like the movie stars do, I’d definitely lose weight!”  I know I have. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, having all these professional folks at your beckon call doesn’t always do the trick. Even for mega stars like Oprah – but apparently cohabitating with Oprah may help keep her Stedman slim and trim.

A new study suggests that men who move in with their lady fair are likely to lose weight.  Women, who cohabitate, are unfortunately more likely to gain. The report, by dietitian Amelia Lake and published in Complete Nutrition, reviewed studies done in Britain, America and Australia of the lives of cohabiting and married heterosexual couples.

Why this disparity? Hmm, let me think…

• Let’s guess who does the shopping? Better for him, as he now eats healthier foods.

• Who does the meal planning? Better for him as he now eats a more balanced diet.

• Who does the cooking?  Well, even in 2006, that role still typically falls to the woman.  (Do we really know how to cook and shop better than our partners, or are they just pulling the wool over our eyes?)

• Who’s more likely to participate in emotional eating?  The woman!  (Of course, she’s probably stewing about being a chef, nutritionist and professional shopper in her ‘spare’ time!)

I wonder if the statistics would at all have been reversed if the male were doing all of the above on a regular basis and bringing home the proverbial bacon?

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