Changing a Habit: Change Your Environment


While listening to NPR the other day, I was reminded of how important cues in our surroundings are to participating in a habit, good or bad.  At our healthy weight loss spa, we focus on changing old habits that no longer serve us.  It’s helpful to avoid setting the stage for the old habit by changing our surroundings or environment.

Environment: sights, smells, sounds all set the stage for engaging in habitual behavior.  NPR had a great piece about Vietnam vets tackling heroine addiction.  95% of the soldiers returning to the states who had been addicted were successful with kicking the habit, compared to the 10% success rate of those whose addiction had started in the US and were treated in the US.  Not that it was the only factor, but some of this success was attributed to the change in environment.

What environmental changes have you made lately?  Have any of these changes helped you adopt a healthy habit or avoid an old unhealthy habit?

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