Change Your Life? Change Your Mind!


I’ve been thinking a lot about stress lately – where does it come from – internal or external? Is it all perception? How much is too much? What does it really do to our health, and to our health behaviors?

These are questions that have as many answers that there are people to ask them. But it seems that change of mind, change of attitude, and then change of behavior are the primary paths to dealing well with stress. How we realize that is again a personal journey.

If you’re asking these questions, and more importantly, struggling with the answers, I do urge you to consider the once-a-year opportunity at Green Mountain at Fox Run…it is three days that can change your mind, your attitude and your behavior.

January 3rd to 6th of 2007 can be your chance to be immersed in an environment with no roles for you to play, and nothing to be concerned about but your well-being. This is the time for answers without judgments, learning and experiencing without striving. If you’ve determined that you want a different result, use this program to change how you approach everything.

Hope to see you there, gina

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