Exploring Food Addiction: Is It Real?


Do you think you may struggle with food addiction?  It’s so common for us to hear people express this concern when talking about the challenging relationship we may have with food (or certain foods).  The common culprits are high sugar foods, refined starches, and in particular a combination of refined carbohydrates and fat seems to kick off an addictive cycle for many people.

It’s also very common to hear people say things like, “once I start eating sugar I just can’t stop; I’m better off not eating it at all.”  I personally feel like there are some foods that I have a hard time with.   There’s a certain potato chip that comes in a tube (I won’t name any names) that makes me crave more of the same when I eat them.   So what is it about certain foods that keeps us coming back for more?  Is it the food, is it what we think of the food, is it how our bodies respond to the food?

Our most recent Green Mountain Fitbriefing covers this very subject.  For a little information on potential causes of addictive habits with food, check our latest article Are You Addicted To Food?  We hope this summary gives those of us struggling with certain foods a starting point in figuring out why certain foods are so challenging.

Do you feel like you have a food addiction?  Does this article help you sort out what may be going on?



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