Can You LOVE Your Diet? Only If It Isn’t One!


Yes, it’s that time of year again…that special time when the morning shows and our ‘beloved’ Oprah begin bombarding us with images of young, beautiful women sashaying down the catwalk in the latest short shorts and tank tops for summer.

And advertisers depict young nymphs springing into swimming pools or sauntering down beaches, scantily clad in the newest swimsuits which most of us wouldn’t wear after the age of 20, if ever! So, it’s a sure bet that many of my American sisters are in the throes of starting just one more diet to get ‘in shape’ for summer.

That makes it a perfect time to talk about a diet we can live with…even enjoy! An added bonus is that if we’re carrying around extra fat on our bodies because we’ve been eating poorly, we’ll probably find we drop a few pounds, too.

But even more importantly, studies show this diet can also help those of us who deal with insulin resistance, as part of diabetes,  PCOS and  metabolic syndrome.That can include many of us who don’t have any unnecessary fat on our bodies, even those who everyone would label ‘thin.’

I’m talking about the Mediterranean diet – lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, yogurt, cheese, beans, yummy olives and olive oil, nuts and moderate amounts of sweets, fish, poultry, eggs, and beef. The key principles of this style of eating is that we eat an abundance of plant foods, which include potatoes (OMG!), breads and grains (double omg), beans, nuts and seeds as well as other vegetables and fruits. Olive oil is the main fat used – extra virgin is the best for drizzling over salads and grilled veggies.

And the really good news: Wine is an integral part of this diet.About one glass per day for women, usually with meals.

What better time to start a new, healthier eating plan than the summer – with the bounty of fresh vegetables and different fruits available this time of year?I’m getting hungry (and thirsty) right now….

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