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Last week I wrote about simplifying meal planning.  This morning as I stood in front of my fridge thinking that traditional breakfast foods like eggs or cereal were just not appealing, I got to thinking about how locked in we get to eating certain foods at certain times of the day.  I don’t HAVE TO eat eggs or cereal for breakfast, frankly the millet, veggies, and vegetarian “chicken” with peanut sauce I made the other day was sounding much better than oatmeal this morning.

One of the my biggest challenges with getting breakfast in is that I don’t like breakfast foods in the morning.  Pancakes at dinner?  Sign me up.  Pancakes at 7:30 AM?  No, thanks.  Not only do I dislike traditional breakfast foods in the morning, but I also find that starting the day with pancakes and an added sugar like maple syrup actually makes me hungrier that morning.  Rarely do I make it to lunch on the days I eat pancakes without needing a mid-morning snack.  So it’s actually better for me not to eat pancakes & syrup in the AM.  Having them at night seems to work out fine for me physically.

I think it’s smart to look at our reaction to certain food choices, considering: timing of meals, quantity consumed, balance of meals, and even whether we react to a specific food or ingredient.  Reflecting on our individual reaction helps us drive food choices in a more supportive direction in the future; this is a recommendation we make often at our weight loss spa.  Don’t get locked into “the norm” because that’s what everyone else does.  You are not everyone else, you are you.  Your reaction to certain eating patterns may be different from everyone else, so base your food choices on YOUR needs.

What non-conventional eating patterns work for you that others might consider odd?

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