Boulders, Rocks and the Flow


Suddenly life is about rocks. I know it sounds strange, but it seems like I’m living in a docu-drama that’s using “rocks” as a metaphor for obstacles.

I had a friend that used to say that “life is all about the holes” and she had me convinced for a while, but now I think it’s about “rocks.” In case you were wondering how life could be about holes, here it is — “you’re born from a hole, you breathe from a hole, you eat from a hole, you hear from a hole, etc etc etc” – it went on for a good 45 minutes – “and then when you die, they put you in a hole.”

Anyhow, my “rock-themed” existence started when I had some extra water in my yard, so I thought a little earth sculpturing might be in order – a relatively simple job. A very able-bodied and experienced fellow came out with lots of fun machines – miniaturized versions of steam shovels, back-hoes, earth compactors, and a few other things that I don’t even recognize (but that are quite impressive).

Away he starts digging, which abruptly ends when he hits “ledge rock” which must be some kind of local term for “impossible to move, break, dig, go over, under, around or through.” So we go to plan B, which is also foiled by “ledge rock” then back to a modified plan A, and well, right now my yard looks like a moon-scape – holes (there we go again), craters, ditches, dirt piles – unrecognizable.

I had to deliver something while all this was going on, and as I drove along the river that twists and turns as the road does, I started looking at the boulders and rocks that littered the river bed (some as big as a Buick, some even larger!). Looking closer, I saw that there were many boulders that were flat, worn down by the endlessly flowing water.

I realize it sounds like a cliché, but I had a major epiphany about the concept of “go with the flow.” The literal rocks in my backyard and in the riverbed, as well as the metaphorical rocks in my life can’t be beaten into submission with force – only by going with the flow…slow, steady and continual can an immovable object be reduced to manageable sizes.

Take a walk today, and look for the solutions to the issues that you have in your life – nature makes everything possible. Maybe you can figure out if life is all about the holes, or the rocks. 🙂

Have a good weekend –

2 responses to “Boulders, Rocks and the Flow”

  1. Guinevere says:

    Your blog is wonderful. I feel very uplifted reading what you have written.


  2. Gina says:

    Thanks Guinevere –

    It’s nice to share positive, life-affirming moments with everyone through the cyber-neighborhood.

    best to all – gina

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