Body Transformation Starts with Your Head


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How you feel about your body may be keeping you from the body you want

As in, you can’t get there from here (at least if how you feel about your body means that you are mired in shame, self-criticism, and a pervasive sense of not-good-enough).

Those are feelings that transform… but not into anything good. Those feelings generate pain.

And more of the same cycles that keep you trapped in the emotional eating, binges, and disconnection from your body.

Or maybe you are stuck in a need to compare. Comparisons always leave you lacking – you didn’t exercise as much as your friend. You ate more at dinner than your roommate. Your (fill in body part here) is bigger than (fill in whatever person’s name fits here).

You know the drill.

And yet when we are in the midst of all of this, for some reason it doesn’t really occur to us that these negative, painful, and ongoing ways of being with our bodies hasn’t led to anything good.

Judgment, shame, self-criticism and comparison don’t get us where we want to go

We get attached to this way of doing things. There are all sorts of reasons why. And what I have learned in over 25 years of working with women is that the “why” doesn’t matter all that much.

What it always comes down to is doing something different in any moment. Pick any moment and try something different. Something small, something incremental, and manageable. No big leaps. And repeat.

Our brains are wired to the negativity channel. It’s a survival thing… to scan for danger. But one can go too far.

I remember going to a lecture by Dr. Christiane Northrup several years ago when I heard her say “Every thought changes your hormones.” I still find that mind-blowing.

Every thought has an impact on our body

In other words our bodies hear everything we say. So it would be a good thing to begin thinking and speaking differently.

To begin to make small choices that hold and reflect the vision of what we want to create for ourselves. To care for and nourish ourselves kindly, gently, the way we would a dear friend, a young child, a beloved pet.

Very different energy – very different results.

As you begin to transform your feelings toward your body, your thoughts and actions that reflect these feelings, there can be more movement and flow.

Things can become unstuck. That’s where all sorts of interesting things begin to happen.

I want that for you.

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