Body Snarking on the Rise


Typically on this blog we talk about changing our own negative self-talk. Many of us have had a life filled with insults, criticism and jokes about our size and/or weight. The sad thing is, most of that haranguing comes from within. It’s the age old cop out, ‘if I say it first, no one will think I don’t know I’m fat, and therefore they can’t hurt me.’

Newsflash, it still hurts.

Negative self talk is dangerous and damaging – and very hard to exorcise the longer you do it. Done enough times, it creates a belief system which is ingrained and based purely on your own false perception of yourself.

Now, on top of our own negative self-talk, we have to contend with a more aggressive form of body bashing – ever heard of ‘body snarking’? In a recent Wall Street Journal article written by Hannah Seligson, this new term (at least for me) was being bantered around. In a nutshell, body snarking is what girls have done for decades, make fun of the less attractive, chubbier, shorter, taller, badly dressed and unpopular – behind their backs. Only now, with the huge popularity of facebook and myspace, this offensive and self-esteem murdering behavior can be done for the whole world to see – and apparently with relish.

Apparently, Gawker owned Jezebel is taking a stand against body snarking , which I think is a start. However, hasn’t Gawker been a bashing, rumor mongering site since its inception? I guess you have to start somewhere.

Check out Seligson’s article here. If you’re like me – you’ll cringe.

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  1. Zayna says:

    This type of stuff is deadly and unfortunately its just getting worse. I deeply feel that there is not enough resources to teach young girls what really matters-what really makes them valuable beyond looks, clothes and popularity.

    As a large women attempting to get in shape and be healthier I have to constantly be alert to those voices inside of myself that sabotage and discourage me.

  2. MizFit says:

    I did a Monday Facetime video on this 6.2.08 and was STUNNED at what the commenters said.

    having working in counseling I was pretty confident Id heard it all.

    Nope and sad.

  3. MizFit says:

    tried to email this to you and it bounced back.

    please feel free to delete.
    negative self chatter video which sparked the disheartening conversation in comments:

  4. Body Snarking … it really gets old, fast…

    Hmm hmm. It does. Really.

    For those of you who don’t know what body snark…

  5. Ur says:

    I find this incredibly disheartening as well. Though I try not to let my negative thinking affect me, it does and I buckle and beat my self up about my weight.

    I try to think positive, to love my body and who I am, but I also cannot just ignore the fact that I AM over weight. That I am not healthy being over weight. I am not happy nor feel comfortable in the clothes I have to wear because of my weight because there are very limited amounts of fashionable or hip non granny clothing for fuller figured women and that I do not physically feel good because I am overweight.

    I can’t just candy coat what is reality and live in an illusion that I am perfect as I am… because if I do, I risk dying at an early age, suffering from heart disease or diabetes or a plethora of other illnesses and pain that come with obesity.

    I currently weigh 230 @ 5’6″. That is not healthy, that is not okay . .genetics or not I need to do something about it and get myself under control.

    Is this self hate?

    Actually no, I think living the illusion was more self hate. Now I am self aware and honest with what I am doing to MYSELF and know that enjoying myself is one thing but overindulging (which is what the majority of us who are over weight are doing) with that which we enjoy is very damaging and destructive to our bodies.

    Do I think I’m ugly? “You are a beautiful person inside (I know .. thats what matters right? *fluff fluff* lets be real..) “You have a pretty…face…(I’m sure your familiar with that)… The rest of me? I personally don’t even recognize and I do not find the lumps and stretch marks “pretty” or acceptable, I find them proof of my lack of self control and illusionary thinking that eating whatever I want and living the lifestyle I was living was something that was okay and the rest of the world just needs to change. For instance the whole bigger portions that are being served at restaurants issue and the thinking “not my problem, they offer it that way (but they did not put in my mouth!) I think that too is another issue that has become a crutch/excuse.

    Get pissed about it, don’t cover it up and pretend its okay…because it is NOT okay.

    No it’s not right for others to talk bad about the excess (not the healthy amount) of Fat we tote around (it is chemically Fat, not insult but terminology) for whatever reason we tote it. Yes not playing along with agreeing or joking about ourselves to them “MIGHT” alleviate the problem; however, humans are what we are.

    So let’s be realistic and do something about ourselves.

    That’s the only way the body snarking will cease 🙂

  6. MizFit says:

    Id be honored if youd swing by my site today—-to lend your .02


  7. Dana Squilla says:


    My name is Dana and I’m a journalist for FIRST magazine. I am currently doing research on a body snarking article. (About how women had negative comments said to them and then her confident and witty comeback.) Since it’s for a holiday issue we are looking for these topics:

    –snarky comment about taking up two bus, train or airplane seats

    –snarky comment (with eye-rolling) related to eating something rich and/or going for seconds at a family meal

    –snarky comment about weight gain since the relative/friend last saw the real woman

    I was curious to know if you knew of any women who’d be interested in participating and sharing their story with us. If you could let me know, i’d greatly appreciate it!



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