Body Image: Declare Your Independence from Societal Standards of Beauty


Following Body Image Standards Can Lead To A Dead End

It’s hard to buck the system when you’re deluged with messages of “thin” from television, film, commercials, the media, and even friends and family.

At a recent barbecue, I noticed how many people mentioned how they weren’t going to eat a lot, or how delicious – but rich (aka fattening) – everything looked, or that they would have to work out extra hard at the gym the next day.

And for one instant, I began to become self-conscious about the food that was on my plate.  I wondered – just for a moment – what everyone would think of the portions and selections I had made.

Then I got real and snapped out of it.  I’ve been down that road too many times to let myself end up there again: it’s a dead end of insecurity and anxiety, and probably compulsive overeating or bingeing.

Freedom Is Self-Acceptance To Foster A Healthy Body Image

So, in light of Independence Day,  I reflected on what personal freedom really means in terms of modern day society and weight.  To me, that’s fostering a healthy body image by accepting myself, my body and my food choices.

This holiday, declare independence from stereotypes and celebrate by freeing your spirit! Here is a wonderful list of actions and attitudes from The National Eating Disorders Association that can help you with your own mini-revolution.

Ten Ways To Start Your Own Body Image Revolution

1. Avoid Commenting On Size And Weight

Consciously choose to avoid making comments about other people or yourself on the basis of body size or shape.

2. Give Compliments

Compliment someone else for a skill, talent, or characteristic they have that you appreciate. Remind yourself that a person’s value is not determined by their shape or size.

3. Enjoy Eating

Enjoy your favorite meal without feelings of guilt or anxiety over calories and fat grams.

4. Donate Clothes That Don’t Fit

Donate your jeans and other old clothes that no longer fit your body comfortably to charity. Someone else will appreciate them, and you won’t have to worry about the way they fit anymore.

5. Try Affirmations

Start each morning by looking in the mirror and saying something nice about yourself out loud.

6. Boycott The Media

Look through magazines and newspapers, ripping out advertisements, photos and articles that promote negative feelings about weight, body image and food. Talk back to the TV when you see or hear an ad that makes you feel dissatisfied with your body.

7. Read Uplifting Books Or Articles

Read a book that lifts your self-esteem, promotes positive body image, encourages healthy living or helps you overcome stereotypes about social standards of beauty.

8. Do Away With The Weigh

Put away or throw away your bathroom scale.

9. Ditch The Diet Products

Throw out all of the diet products in your house.

10. Keep It Real

Remind yourself and others that It’s What’s Inside That Counts!

2 responses to “Body Image: Declare Your Independence from Societal Standards of Beauty”

  1. lilah says:

    The biggest issue with women today, is that they don’t realize that their bodies change as they get older. Instead, they expect the reflection in the mirror to look the same as it was when they were 16 or 25. As we get older, are bodies change shape…. even when maintaining a nutritional diet and exercise program.

  2. Bliss Chick says:

    Good post. I think i have read that list before, but ones of those lists that’s nice to be reminded of.

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