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woman contemplating about overeating or bingeingBinge thinking is when  you start thinking about what other people are thinking about you..especially your body. The invitation to use food to numb out begins.  Binge thinking frequently leads to binge eating.

Instead of negative self talk in your own head you project what you are thinking about yourself into someone else’s mind. Saying things to yourself, often again and again, such as:

  • He is thinking that my body is disgusting.
  • They are thinking that I am too fat to order dessert.
  • Her arched eyebrow means that I shouldn’t be wearing this skirt.

Binge thinking leads to feelings of self loathing and very frequently isolation.  One way to combat binge thinking is to notice that you are doing it and name it for what it is…hurtful, unhelpful and depleting.  You can prepare positive messages in advance to replace the binge thinking.

Mara Glatzel on her blog Medicinal Marzipan has a great idea of writing Manifesto of Deserving for yourself.  Mara will be coming to Green Mountain at Fox Run to teach  in early September (Woo Hoo!) on deserving, body acceptance and living life fully each day.  Here are some ideas from Mara for a Manifesto of Deserving.

I believe…

That you deserve more than you’ve ever allowed yourself to have.

That you are worth more than you’ve ever permitted yourself to imagine.

That you deserve a relationship with your body that is filled with ease, romantic partnerships where you can truly be yourself, unlimited love + adoration simply for being YOU, and a livelihood that is jam-packed with opportunities to exercise all of the gifts that you have to offer the world.

That creating the life you deserve is simpler than you think.

That every tiny, toddler-step towards the life you deserve is worth photographing, chronicling, taking a Beyoncé-fueled dance break + CELEBRATING.

What would you include in your own Manifesto of Deserving?

2 responses to “Binge Thinking”

  1. Deborah says:

    I’m definitely a binge-thinker. (And need to ponder on the manifesto for a bit!)


  2. Mara says:

    Thanks Darla! Can’t wait to see you in September. xo

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