December 3-6: Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive 2015


binge eating intensive weekend programBinge Eating Disorder (BED) is the most common eating disorder in the United States and is estimated to effect almost 16 million people nationally.*

Despite this, most feel uncomfortable talking about the struggles they face around eating because of the weight-biased society we live in, resulting in many who continue facing a clinical illness without a clinical diagnosis for treatment.

Speaking from personal experience, Dr. Kari Anderson, our BED expert, explains the issue:

“Just living in a weight biased culture, one that makes food and eating a moral issue of being either good or bad, is enough to keep us quiet. Why would we tell ANYBODY what or how much we ate during a binge episode?

This fear of being stigmatized, of not being understood, and of being judged, result in silence when what we really need is to talk about our experiences and understand that we are not alone.

Flipping the Switch

When women have the opportunity to feel safe and discuss their experiences at our weekly and weekend programs for binge & emotional eating, we hear these responses time and time again:

I thought I was the only one.
Me too!
You do that, too??
I’m so relieved it’s not just me.
You have no idea how much better it makes me feel just knowing someone else does that!

And we expect to hear these types of responses again at our upcoming Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive this December 3-6.

While our unique-in-the-nation 3-day immersion program has shown to help women who struggle with binge eating and emotional overeating, we’ve found that the true power of the weekend is among the connections women make and support they find among others going through the same struggles with this issue.

We provide the environment for struggles that have previously felt completely isolating to meet the validation of a shared experience.

“Finally, after years of dieting, emotionally overeating, or binging – we were handed tools that didn’t involve restricting, living by the scale, counting calories, or berating ourselves for our coping skills. If I had to boil it down into one sentence – that weekend was about learning how to eat to live, instead of living to eat.” – Jacki Monaco, December 2014 attendee

Additional Benefits of the Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive

In addition to making connections and finding needed support, women who attend have the opportunity of working in small groups and with our credentialed professionals to explore:

  • Managing Stress Without Turning to Food
  • Healing Your Relationship With Your Body
  • Overcoming Negative Self-Talk and Developing a Voice of Self-Compassion
  • Experiencing Enjoyable Movement Without Hurting
  • Finding Keys to Unlock Your Habits for Lasting Change

So consider joining us this winter for a truly life-changing experience that can help to forever change the way you think about food, yourself, and your life.

* Figure based on statistic from

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