The Binge Eating Diaries: Making The Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle


groundwork for happiness is good health

Living Without Bingeing and Restriction

It hasn’t been an easy road. There have been hurdles to jump over, rocks to trip over, and mountains to climb… or shall I say – cakes to jump over, spaghetti to trip over, and ice cream sundaes to climb? (Just some good old-fashioned food humor to start us off today, eh?)

Over the past few years, people have asked me how to switch to a healthy lifestyle, or more specifically – how did I make the switch?

But the truth is that it wasn’t a switch. It was a process, a journey, and a life-changing experience.

And I’d be lying to you if I told you that it began any other way than with the help and guidance of my support system at Green Mountain.

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But once I left that warm, cozy, safe haven- life definitely handed me my fair share of obstacles. The world wasn’t any different… but I certainly was – mind, body, and food.

How To Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle – Mind

  • Take charge of your relationships, especially the one you share with food. Channel that strong-willed woman you are at office or at home with your kids, and let HER help you take charge. (My “office” alter ego just loves to be in the driver’s seat. Does yours?)
  • MAKE time for self-care. No one else is going to do it for you! Bubble baths, monthly pedicures, an hour of alone time… give yourself the gift of YOU time.
  • Fall in love…with yourself. YOU are the only YOU that YOU are ever going to get. You will be in a relationship with yourself longer than you’ll be in one with anyone else.
  • You’ve gotten this far and you can get even farther… as long as you’re fueling your mind with self-love.
  • Find a hobby that feeds your mind and excites your brain. I continually search for outlets that I find fun… and that keep my hands busy! Reading, writing, and arts and crafts help me steer away from associating food with my downtime.

How To Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle – Body

  • Shake it out. If you’re feeling like food is the only answer to whatever question you’re asking yourself – wiggle your body out of your trance. Doing this can help you step outside of your mind and back into your physical surroundings.
  • Pick up the pace. Next time you’re walking from your car to the grocery store or up those flights of stairs at work, add some pep to your step and amp up the energy.
  • Do some deskercises. There are some fun, little workouts crawling all over the Internet designated for mid-day movement in the comfort of your own workspace. Some are silly, some are challenging… but most of all – they’re convenient!
  • Physically challenge yourself in a FUN way. Since my stay at Green Mountain, I ignored the concept of Zumba. It seemed positively frightening to me. Dancing? In public? No siree. But just last week I popped the bubble that is my comfort zone, put on my dancing shoes (those would be my sneakers), and said, “Self. Let’s do this.” I smiled more during this workout than I do during most average days. I had a really good time… and so did my body!

How To Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle – Food

  • Take back the power. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, you are in charge of what, when, and how you eat. When the going gets tough, try to find comfort and peace with this knowledge in hand. Even though we tend to give it power, food really is… just food.
  • Enjoy your snacks and meals. Switching from a lifestyle of overeating or binging will feel strange at first, but it shouldn’t take away the pleasure and joy that food can bring. Make sure to incorporate foods in your “diet” that you enjoy, not just those that you think you’re “supposed” to eat. (Avoiding restriction is key!)
  • Prepare meals. I find that preparing my dinners at the beginning of the week has really made a difference. Instead of pillaging through my cabinets looking for a supper solution each night, I know that a home-cooked meal awaits me.

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Educating yourself about how to switch to a healthy lifestyle is the first step… and by reading this blog, you’re already doing it! But practicing the tools that resonate with you is an empowering next part of your journey.

I hope that some of the strategies that I’ve shared today have spoken to you in one way or another.

If you have any tips about this topic, I encourage you to share them in the comments below.

Switching to a healthy lifestyle begins now – mind, body, and food!

Until next time,


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