Why Quick Weight Loss Boot Camps Don’t Work

Achieving Your Healthy Weight at Green Mountain

Green Mountain at Fox Run can help you reach a healthy weight and stay there… when boot camps can’t. Here’s why:

  • Humiliation and criticism don’t work as motivating tactics. 
  • The underlying emotional stressors that contribute to and cause weight gain must be addressed.
  • Focusing on body and mind is necessary for healthy, permanent weight loss.
  • Extreme measures produce quick results but don’t last.
  • The changes you make must be ones you can live with.

Unlike Boot Camps, We Don’t Use Humiliation

Humiliating, punitive tactics may be good for ratings, but it’s not good for your health. A recent study reported by US News & World Report explained that viewers of “The Biggest Loser” were less inclined to want to exercise or expect it to be enjoyable after watching a 7.5 minute workout on the show. 

In our 40 years of working exclusively with women and their weight issues, we’ve learned that real success is achieved as you move to a place where you feel good about yourself again.

Underlying Emotional Stressors Are Addressed

Your eating and weight struggles may be a result of the stresses in your life and how they affect your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Real change is through addressing those thoughts and emotions in order to fundamentally alter behaviors that get in the way of optimal health and permanent weight loss.

We look at the whole woman: mind, body and spirit. Our program gives equal time to eating, exercise and managing the difficult emotions and behaviors that often lead to overeating.

We Focus On The Mind and The Body

Achieving a healthy weight is as much changing your “head” (the way you think about food, eating, exercise, your body, yourself) as it is about what you eat and how much you exercise. We offer a supportive, nurturing environment that helps women think differently—more positively— about themselves and their bodies.

We teach that life is not just about losing weight. It’s about learning how to care for yourself, make better choices, let go of perfectionism, and enjoy.

Our Healthy Weight Loss Program is Not Extreme

Diet-Based Programs

– Boot Camps
– Fat Farms and Fat Camps
– Weight Loss Spas
Adult Weight Loss Camps

Their Methods and Outcomes

Calorie Restriction
Temporary Weight Loss
Quick Fix
Negative ‘Motivation’
Cookie Cutter
Exhaustive Exercise
A “Just Get Through It” Grind
Body Hatred

Our Non-Diet Approach

– Integrated Health Model
– Normal Eating Program
– Thinking and Behavior Modification
– Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies

Our Strategies and Results

Mindful, Intuitive Eating
Permanent Weight Loss
Lasting Change
Positive Self-Talk
Core Issues
Healthy Eating
Fun Fitness Activities
Revitalizing and Energizing
Stress Reduction and Management
Self Acceptance

Green Mountain helps to clear up weight loss confusion about what it takes to reach and maintain your healthy weight. The Biggest Loser approach and weight loss boot camps like it to focus on extreme and fast weight loss. There is clear scientific evidence that rapid weight loss is unsustainable and may have adverse long-term consequences. That research was reviewed in US News & World Report here.

Forcing people to exercise until they throw up, underfeeding them and pushing them beyond their limits, is not the key to healthy, successful, long-term weight loss. Nor for that matter is it humane or safe.

We Emphasize Changes You Can Live With

According to Yoni Freedhoff, MD, of US News & World ReportIf you don’t like the life you’re living while you’re losing, even if you lose a great deal, you’re eventually going to head back toward the life you led before you lost weight.”

We’re as committed to helping you learn how to stay at a healthy weight, as we are to helping you reach it.

Permanent Weight Loss Starts With Practical Strategies And Support

At Green Mountain, you can focus on practical and effective changes to start to live the life you want and keep on living it. Join the thousands of women who have taken part in our nurturing, supportive program that is so much more than an adult weight loss camp, fat farm or boot camp. 

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