40 Ways to Measure Success Beyond the Scale


Today’s blog post is part of our top-40 series to mark Green Mountain’s 40th anniversary.

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So you’ve been trying to eat more healthfully and walk to work everyday. To see the difference it’s making, you get on the scale. As the scale bounces numbers around and then finally settles, you jump off the scale and shriek, “How could this be?” and “I’ve been doing so well!”

If the scale doesn’t move, what comes next quite often is thinking that your efforts are futile – that there is just no use to trying to do things differently, because you didn’t lose weight.

Health Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

But think about it for a moment: When you’re eating better and moving your body, there are many, many benefits. Looking for other ways to measure your success often is the key to staying on track and continuing a healthy lifestyle, with or without weight loss. 

40 Ways to Measure Success Beyond the Scale

  1. I am a better role model for my children and others.
  2. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others (or not as much as I used to).
  3. I am not sitting “on the sidelines” anymore.
  4. I give myself permission to eat what I want and have discovered I don’t want some things as much as I thought I did.
  5. My mood and mood swings have improved.
  6. I more often say “yes!” to a walk and “no!” to negative self-talk.
  7. I’m off my medication.
  8. I don’t have back/knee/hip/foot pain anymore.
  9. I can tie my shoes without difficulty.
  10. I planted flowers in my yard.
  11. I sleep like a baby.
  12. My clothes fit better.
  13. My energy is more consistent throughout the day.
  14. I make time for a healthy breakfast because it makes me feel good.
  15. I ride my bike to work.
  16. I joined the tennis club.
  17. the-scale-quoteMy blood pressure is normal!
  18. I buy new sneakers because my others are worn out.
  19. I eat vegetables from my own garden.
  20. I can walk 18 holes.
  21. I stopped overeating at night.
  22. I eat my favorite ice cream without overeating it.
  23. My blood sugar numbers are much better.
  24. I say “No thank you, I prefer to walk” and mean it.
  25. I enjoy being with myself.
  26. I treat myself to a massage when it’s not a special occasion.
  27. I buy clothes that fit, not a size I want to fit.
  28. I play outside with my kids.
  29. I give myself time to think about what I really want.
  30. I appreciate my body more and more everyday.
  31. I no longer avoid seeing friends and acquaintances.
  32. I now look at what I’m doing instead of what I’m not doing.
  33. I try new foods now and mostly like them.
  34. I feel more outgoing and confident in my body.
  35. I have tried things I thought I would never do – travel, skiing, hiking.
  36. I no longer fight my body, my weight and my shape.
  37. I am able to ask others for what I need.
  38. I laugh more.
  39. My anxiety has improved.
  40. I am stronger.

Please tell us what you would add to this list. What keeps you motivated to live a healthier lifestyle?

5 responses to “40 Ways to Measure Success Beyond the Scale”

  1. Harriet Krivit says:

    Haven’t weighed myself in years. Even in the Dr.’s office I say “no”.
    The number means nothing to me…I know by the way my clothes are fitting and any obvious body/size changes. AND MOST IMPORTANT…IF I’M COMFORTABLE. CARRYING EXCESS WEIGHT CHANGES MY BALANCE AND MY EASE OF MOVEMENT ETC. Scales have always been a judgment device.

  2. Cindy says:

    Good for you, Harriet. I agree. The last time I was in the Dr.’s office and the nurse wanted to weigh me I looked at the her and said, “I appreciate this is part of your protocol, but, really? What is that going to tell you exactly?”

    Taking control of your Dr.’s visit can still ruffle some feathers.

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  5. Victoria says:

    With regular exercise, my resting heart is much lower. A great measure of cardiac fitness, lowering the resting heart rate shows that your heart is pumping slower and more efficiently. I’ve gone from 70-72 down to 60. This is awesome!! Thank you GM.

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