Green Mountain at Fox Run Wins Best for Weight Loss


About this time of year every year, concern about eating and weight starts to heat up. Can you spell the holidays?

We’ve written plenty over the years about how to enjoy the holidays without weight worries so that’s not what this post is about. Just click on that link and you’ll find a lot of the posts.

Instead, this post is about an award we recently won from Spafinders, a leading travel company that promotes spas worldwide.

We won a Category Award for Best Weight Loss Program, based on votes from our participants and others who follow us and believe in our non-diet program to end eating and weight struggles that’s really not about weight but about health, feeling good and living your life now.

So to call us a weight loss program confuses a lot of people who understand that focusing on weight loss generally doesn’t take people where they want to go.

We’re happy to win this award, though. Let me explain.

What Makes for The Best Weight Loss Program

Having worked in the area of weight for over 40 years, we’ve seen weight loss programs come and go (haven’t we all).

We’ve lived through the liquid diet craze championed by Oprah, the cabbage soup diet and all its crazy cousins, the fat-free focus that thankfully has ended and the myriad other variations on the theme.

All of them were about restriction, which research now clearly shows doesn’t work. Instead, weight loss diets cause many people to gain weight instead.

Diets Don’t Work

We’ve been saying that restriction doesn’t work since 1973, thanks to the pioneering vision of our founder, Thelma Wayler, RD.

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Thelma realized from her experience working in diabetes camps for kids that restriction interferes with a person’s ability to make choices in their own best interest. When it comes to food, it seems that we want something but believe we can’t have it, it sets up a psychological dynamic that appears to drive people to try harder to get it. It’s probably about survival – a built-in force that’s awakened when humans face deprivation.

Thelma’s approach was that if we let ourselves have what we want, we’re designed to act in our own best interest. And the better we take care of ourselves, the better that works. That’s about survival, too.

It was a bit of work in the early years to convince women that there was a different way to think about weight, one that makes for a sustainable approach to ending weight struggles. But we hear regularly from many women who have passed through our doors over the years about how that different way has changed their lives for the better.

So when we are identified as a Best Weight Loss Program, we’re happy because it puts us in front of women who may not have heard about our approach before. They may still be looking for weight loss and they may find it with this approach.

But if weight loss isn’t a part of their bodies getting healthier, many find that’s okay because what they gain is improved health. They learn how to truly take care of themselves, with a focus on feeling good instead of trying to reach a number on a scale.

Looking for More Than Weight Loss

One thing we’ve noticed, too, is that what women are looking for has shifted a bit.

More and more are coming to us seeking an end to the constant worry, preoccupation and otherwise negative feelings around food, eating, exercise, body weight and related self-esteem issues. They still want weight loss but are more willing to put that on the back burner in favor of starting to live now.

But it’s not easy to find places that help a woman do that.

More therapists and registered dietitians are working with this approach but Green Mountain at Fox Run is the only place that gives women the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment designed to support moving away from the constant worry, preoccupation, and otherwise negative feelings around food, eating, exercise, body weight and related self-esteem issues.

So thanks to our participants and other supporters who voted for us in the Spafinders awards! You are helping others find a sustainable approach to self-care that’s all about making peace with food, exercise and body.

We Also Won

  • Best for Affordability/Budget
  • Best for Going Solo

If budget is important, we’re running our annual End of Year Special right now! Register by midnight, December 31, 2016 to get 20% off your stay in 2017.

And if you’re traveling solo and want to take advantage of the lower rates for shared accommodations, we’ll match you with a roommate.

Here’s to a 2017 ending the search for weight loss by taking care of ourselves to feel good now!

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