How to be Your Own Valentine This Year


It’s tempting to write Valentine’s Day off as a “Hallmark holiday,” with grocery aisles overflowing with heart-shaped chocolates, jumbo teddy bears, and cards with cats on the front that say “you’re purrrr-fect.” But, whether you’re partnered or single, February 14 can be a good reminder to focus on love. The love you have for a partner, your friends, your family, and yourself.  

Be Your Own Valentine

Practicing self-love can be so much harder than showing your love to others. But caring for ourselves can set off a domino effect, positively impacting the relationships in our lives. So don’t forget to make this Valentine’s Day about you, too!

What gifts can you give yourself this year? We’ve made a little list to get you started.

Treat Yourself

  1. Buy yourself a bouquet. Flowers can brighten up even the coldest February day. You deserve them.
  2. Set up your bathroom like you’re expecting ‘company,’ but forget the company and indulge yourself in candles, music, your favorite book, bubbles, and some bubbly.
  3. Eat something tasty. Don’t skip the chocolates—or whatever your favorite celebratory nibble may be—because you think you “should.” Pleasure is important!
  4. Take a nap. (Mmm, just you in between some crisp, clean sheets. Now that’s a good time in bed!)
  5. Wear your favorite outfit, even if you’re not leaving the house.
  6. Write yourself a love letter. There’s no relationship longer or more important than the one you’re having with you.  

How are you going to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

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