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Yesterday on A Weight Lifted, Darla presented a theme we will be working with during 2011 of Green Mountain KISSes These Green Mountain: Keep it Simple, Sweetheart Tips will hopefully help you take on 2011 and make it a year of change and self-improvement with a focus on health and wellness.  Yesterday Darla focused on identifying ONE thing in our lives that was in need of simplification.

When it comes to striving towards goals that relate to health, wellness or women’s weight loss, changing the way we eat is typically part of the plan.  I am a huge fan of applying this practice of making ONE change at a time when it comes to improving eating patterns.  All too often, when people are working towards the goal of healthy eating, they plan to make too many changes at once, striving for perfection.

Taking on too much at one can make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, and may prevent us from implementing (and/or sticking to) any changes at all.  I’d much rather make one change to the way I eat, practice that change, make it a habit/part of my lifestyle, and THEN move on to implementing change #2.

Currently, in our home the change we are focusing on is trying to include more vegetables in our meals.  One GM KISS Tip I have for that is “blend your veggies.”  This works well for us; here are a few ways we use this tip:

– Adding pureed vegetables to baked goods such as muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc..  The veggies I like best for this are cooked pumpkin, carrots, or raw zucchini or yellow squash.

– Adding greens to smoothies.  Making a fruit and vegetable smoothie is a good way to boost your intake of green leafy vegetables such as kale, chard, mixed greens, beet greens, etc..

– Make pureed mixed-vegetable soups; I prefer using an immersion blender for soups.  This helps us get a variety of vegetables all in 1 food, but also because vegetable textures can be an issue for picky eaters, pureeing the soup takes that out of the equation.  To make vegetable soups richer and fuller I like to also puree toasted nuts or seeds into the soup as well.  Delicious!

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