Back in the Saddle Again


Beverly’s back, literally and figuratively.  After being sidetracked by life — one a not-so-pleasant interlude, the other very much so — she shares a tip she learned at Green Mountain that helped motivate her back to her regular healthy lifestyle routine.  Note that I said ‘regular’ healthy lifestyle routine.  While vacations take us out of that, they’re still a very valuable part of taking care of ourselves.

Do you have any motivational tips for getting back in the saddle?  Please share them in the comments!
In the past three weeks I have had a major case of gastroenteritis (don’t ask) and spent ten wonderful days in Spain.  I’m just coming out of the jet lag and the idea that my major meal should be at 2 in the afternoon with a light dinner at 9:30 or 10.

One really healthful thing was that we walked and walked and walked around Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Granada.  Climbing to the top of the hills in Granada and Toledo definitely counts as a day’s cardio.  We walked so much that I would spend part of every evening soaking my feet, alternating between cold and hot water.

But the resistance exercises involved lifting guidebooks and bags of souvenirs.

I’ll also confess to not sticking to an eating plan. I discovered that large portions are not solely an American phenomenon and that Spain has some fantastic chefs.   We’re heading to Seattle in early June for an Alaska cruise.  By then maybe I’ll have my strategies for handling eating out in place.

It has taken me four days to have enough energy to do anything more energetic than take out the garbage and do the laundry.  During one of sessions at Green Mountain LynnAnn told us to write down how we feel when we exercise and when we don’t and to put that piece of paper in an easy-to-see place.

So, today I looked at the sheet stuck on the side of my hard drive and realized that I was feeling totally “sluggish,” “like a lump” and “depressed.”  I put on my workout clothes, hauled out LynnAnn’s upper body resistance DVD, and went through the exercises with her.  Is a sign of jetlag that you yawn in the middle of biceps curls and triceps extensions?

Tomorrow it is lower body and a cardio session.  Right now, I’m ready for bed and the nightly news hasn’t even come on.

Hasta luego…..


2 responses to “Back in the Saddle Again”

  1. Marsha says:

    Just have to add my comments re an ‘eating plan’ on vacation. The ultimate goal of mindful eating is to stay in touch with how you feel, and eat in a way that makes you feel great. While eating schedules may be different when on vacation, the goal can remain the same. Although it is important to recognize that when we’re on vacation, we’re often enjoying new/different food, and it may take us a bit more to feel satisfied. It’s just so good! So we might end up eating more than we usually do. No problem — when we return home, we return to our usual pattern (if we don’t get caught up in trying to cut back because we ‘ate too much’ on vacation and are worried about our weight). Remember, it’s not what we do on vacation, it’s what we do the other 50 weeks of the year that counts. Or in Beverly’s case, as she’s off on another adventure soon, maybe it’s the other 48 weeks!

  2. Amy says:

    oy! Vacationing and dieting are THE worst!
    I have absolutely no advice simply because I too dread it myself.
    The best I have done with vacation and dieting is when I was just really dedicated to my way of eating and just did not bend at all. Once I bend, I fall off the wagon… Hope that helps a bit!~ LOL!

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