The Back-and-Forth of Achieving a Healthy Weight


optimist quote robert braultWe recently saw a meme on Facebook from OMG Paradise that said “An optimist is someone who realizes that a taking a step backwards after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha”. Beth shares her cha-cha below.

“No Foods Are Bad Foods”

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work.

I don’t believe in or practice the idea of a New Year’s resolution; never have, but there’s nothing wrong with seeing the advent of a new year as a time to get back to basics.  It was way too easy to convince myself that “no foods are bad foods” translated by my Christmas zeal into “eat all the chocolate you want because it’s not bad!”

As we all know, that is not exactly what the adage implies.  Sure, there are no bad foods, but too much of anything (including chocolate, egg nog, wine and homemade cookies) will make you feel crappy.   I’m already, as I mentioned in my last blog, dealing with a slowly healing foot injury that has my exercise routine stalled at almost nothing.

A Review Of Mindful Eating

So, I feel that it’s even more important to take a look at my habits.  Well, not really a look, but a relook.  A “going back to school” almost, to reacquaint myself with the concepts and ideas promoted at Green Mountain.  I went in search of my binder.

I flipped open the front cover and my personal note sheets fell out.

The first page starts with my scribbly notes on mindful eating:

“Being present w/o judgment, becoming aware of needs — what role is food playing — feel empowered by your relationship with food; gear what, when and how much you eat to feel well – that’s empowering.”

Wow, right there on the first page.


Re-evaluating My Eating Behavior And Relationship With Food

My backsliding is all about forgetting the primary tenets of mindful eating.  What is food all about?  What is my relationship to the process?  What are my goals?

Stuffing copious amounts of chocolate into my mouth doesn’t jibe at all with the answers I had written – health, positive image and outlook, spiritual contentment.

In fact, my backsliding had encompassed more than chocolate, I had become lax about balance and returned to watching TV while eating.  I will even admit to too many meals grabbed from the fridge while dashing out the door.

So I kept flipping.

  • Behavior – there were my notes about hunger cues.  Better get out the guide and prop it back up between the salt and pepper shaker.
  • Nutrition – I had written in the margin – what exactly is a protein, how can dairy be protein, veggies?    That’s Beth shorthand for “get thee some nutrition education!”  Time to reorient myself about what particular foods are, in the sense of which food group, and identify the ones that I am more likely to enjoy.
  • Then I got to the last section Sustain the Change℠.  Leafing through, I found on page 10, the suggestion to mark a calendar with check marks for positive milestones so I grabbed my datebook and jotted down “checked back in”.

Maybe I’ll place the same notation on the first of every month in the remainder of my calendar as a reminder that backsliding is only an invitation to “check back in” and get back on track.

2015 is looking up!

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  1. AmberLynn Pappas says:

    Beth, do you belong to a gym that offers an arm cycle? Could be an option for you while you recover from your foot injury. Keep up the good work!

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