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robyn-priebe, rdTime to Ditch the Scale

Have you even had a stretch of time when you felt like you were “on track,” as in eating well, exercising often, well rested, clothing fitting well, only to step on the scale and find that you weigh more than you think?

Or perhaps the opposite has occurred when you subject yourself to: sleepless nights, chaotic eating patterns, an increased alcohol intake, eating more processed foods, and becoming a couch potato, only to find your weight was stable or maybe even dropped a bit.

The scale is not a good indicator of health or wellness.  It’s often inaccurate in showing changes in body composition as well.

Why Confuse and Discourage Yourself with Frequent Weighing?

Are there other things you could pay attention to that would help you take note of your healthy changes?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Record frequency of following through with a healthy habit on a calendar.  Ex. use a check-mark, star, or sticker for each night you get at least 7 hours of sleep or each day you make time to eat breakfast.
  • Use an app, website, or gadget like a pedometer or fitbit to track how much you are moving throughout the day
  • Answer this question before bed each night, “What was my greatest win/success of the day?”

 Join Us in Doing Away with the Weigh

In honor of Healthy Weight Week, we are posting selfies that include us holding up signs stating why we recommend ditching the bathroom scale. Check mine out on this blog today.

Whether you plan on weighing yourself less often or not at all, please join us by submitting your photo with a sign stating why you agree. Send it to

We will post these photos on our Facebook page in honor of Healthy Weight Week and Do Away with the Weigh Day.

4 responses to “Do Away with the Weigh Day”

  1. Harriet Krivit says:

    Never weigh myself…number means nothing to me. I know when I feel physically comfortable and in balance. This has no effect on my overeating disorder, however. Neither does the fact that I eat ALL foods and have no forbidden foods.

  2. Klaire says:

    I agree whole-heartedly. At one point I became so obsessed with weighing myself, that it became an addiction. And a destructive/depressing addiction at that. I love your blog. Very insightful! Visit mine at

  3. Klaire says:

    Sorry! I wrote my blog out wrong. It’s Thanks again for your uplifting words!

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