When You Just Can’t Diet Anymore

As each new diet takes the nation by storm, we at Green Mountain sit and wait. We soon see an increasing number of women visit us who are struggling against weight gain and feelings of helplessness caused by their latest weight loss diet.

High-Protein, Low-Carb Diets Persist

More than just another fad, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets currently approach phenomenon status. They first greeted us back in 1974 with Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution. Yes, people lost weight with the diet then, and do so now. But did they keep it off? Where are the successes from 1974?

From our perspective, Thelma Wayler, MS, RD, our founder, said it succinctly 31 years ago:

“Diets make people fat; eating can make you thin.”

(Today, thin isn’t necessarily a politically-correct word but it still makes a good sound bite; what Thelma meant was that eating well can lead you to a healthy weight that’s right for you.)

At Green Mountain, we strive to help the women who come to us move toward higher goals than just weight loss. We focus on helping women feel good again. Because when we’re feeling good, we’re engaged in the productive behaviors that will take care of our weight and our health.

Get Off The Diet Roller Coaster Ride

For most of us, dieting doesn’t make us thinner, happier or fitter. Because at some point, we go off the diet, and when we do, we return to the old behaviors that created the problems in the first place. Green Mountain’s balanced women’s program for learning to care for yourself focuses on helping you normalize your eating, find pleasure in moving your body, and support yourself by thinking positively while losing weight.

Proven in the peer-reviewed literature, time-tested and refined through our 41 years of experience working with weight-struggling women, our program offers you a hands-on, commonsense approach designed especially for women. You will be guided by an unmatched motivational team of professionals who have spent their careers working with women on weight and health issues.

Experience is a great teacher.

Let us share our experience in helping women feel good again. Join us for one, two, three or more weeks for the time of your life that will change your life.

Written by Alan Wayler, PhD, Executive Director of Green Mountain at Fox Run

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