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Our recent “Ask an Expert: Live Webinar,” was a hit, and you can still watch it! BUT if you’ve been there, done that, read on to get responses to all your unanswered healthy living questions from the live event.

Q: I continue to have a hard time with the all-or-nothing attitude. After “falling off the wagon,” I struggle with getting back on. Any suggestions?

Shiri’s Answer: The problem here is ‘the wagon’. By having one, it inherently means you’re either on or off, which in and of itself is the all-or-nothing. When we identify foods as either good or bad, a ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’, an always or never, then when we eat, we’re either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Again, the all-or-nothing.

Instead, eating in a balanced way means you can stay off that unsturdy wagon. We want to bring that pendulum away from the extreme and into more of a middle-ground balance.

When it comes to eating, that means eating in a balanced way – mostly plants, and sometimes cake. In other words, not restricting but instead, including enough nutrients in our eating. This is a balanced way of eating, which allows room for ‘fun foods’.

Where are you on your whole health journey?

Looking for support finding peace with food, body, and self? Contact us to learn more about our sustainable approach to overall well being. We’re here to help, and we CAN help.

Q: I feel like traveling across the country and spending thousands of dollars means I’ve failed at taking care of myself. Seems like that is basic life, but I don’t seem to be able to do it. Please discuss.

Anne’s Answer: First of all, life is anything but basic. We all have different stories and experiences that we have lived through. These life experiences have built beliefs within us. Sometimes, these beliefs lead to healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors, and other times, they do not.

We provide a supportive atmosphere, where you are not alone with your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and about food. This alone can be extremely healing.

Taking a step to take care of yourself is courageous and strong, as is being aware you need help. Learning to take control of your life will be different for everyone, and we all need guidance in doing so.

We are here to give guidance and understanding. It can be hard to navigate the roller coaster of life’s emotions and experiences. We may not have had good models or mentors, so how are we to know healthy ways to deal with some of these things if we have not been taught?

Your body is the only one you have; it is your home. Some of us need a little help in figuring out what the best way to take care of it is because it is different for everyone.

Q: Is there evidence that any weight loss program works long term?

Dana’s Answer: Great question! We know that there are many ways to produce a weight loss; however, we also know that the vast majority of people will regain the weight that they lost – often times more. The evidence is quite clear that weight loss programs do not work long-term.

Here’s why: weight loss programs are designed to put people in a state of energy imbalance – where they are using more energy than they are consuming. In theory, this forces the body to use stored energy to meet its needs and viola, we lose weight. The problem is, it’s not so simple.

When we restrict our access to adequate fuel, our body goes into survival mode. Our metabolism slows, our body shifts to favor fat storage, and the mechanisms that turn on hunger are set into motion. Our body literally pulls out all of the stops to resist weight loss because it is preparing for famine and doing whatever is necessary to do to protect us from starvation. Our body doesn’t know that we are choosing to restrict our energy intake and it doesn’t know that we have easy access to food.

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, we don’t get to choose our body weight – it’s mostly determined by genetics (just like height, shoe size, and hair color). Our body knows the weight range in which it wants to be and works to keep us within that range.

If you have a long history of chronic dieting, your body may be in perpetual survival mode and it may be hanging on to more weight than it needs, purely as a way to protect you. When we can let go of dieting, honor our bodies and adequately nourish them, and allow them to truly feel safe, we create the space for them to let go of the extra weight they’ve been hanging onto – if in fact, that’s what they’ve been doing.

That’s why, at Green Mountain, our mission is to help free women from diets and weight worries. We know that when we can focus on fully caring for ourselves – eating mindfully, moving joyfully, managing stress, and adequately caring for our whole self, regardless of weight – we can stop worry, start living, and allow our bodies to naturally settle at their unique and individual healthy weights.

Looking to kick old habits and practice healthy living that fits you?

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