An Exercise in Crime and Punishment


I was thinking about what to post today, while squeezing in a bit of exercise during lunch – then it came to me. I realized that sometimes (like today) exercise just plain seems like work. On a bad day, some might even suggest punishment. Most days I’m happy to say I don’t look at exercise as punishment, but I will admit there are times that exercising just seems like some sort of evil payback for being overweight.

In recent years I’ve shifted my thinking about exercise. I look at it as a practice which brings me immediate relief from stress, an overwhelming sense of calm and accomplishment as well as a mechanism to build my strength and stamina. Which I need these days, more than ever.

I just try to remember while I’m exercising that the activity I’m engaged in with ultimately bring me joy and that if in the short term I forget that and give in to my immediate discomfort or boredom, that would be a crime.

One last thing, look for exercise that’s fun and provides you with a sense of accomplishment and joy. Don’t be a gym rat. Go out and see the world around you. Take up a sport…have some fun. before you know it you’ll be fit and the only person you’ll be punishing is your opponent!

3 responses to “An Exercise in Crime and Punishment”

  1. Great advice! Could not have said it better myself! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Over the last year I’ve really tried to see training/working out in a positive stress release form as opposed to some chore I have to do. I do often get bored training and have found that playing a sport (for me its tennis) keeps me fit, is fun and is often also a social event.

  3. Kevin says:

    It is hard to tough it out on the days wwhen workouts are work. I personally always feel a sense of accomplishment after I struggle through it. Opting to not do the workout can lead to opting out next time too.
    Great post!

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