America Ferrera Embracing and Gracing Glamour


Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera won another award to add to her ever-growing trophy case. This time it was the 2007 Emmy award for best actress in a comedy series. Congratulations, America! I must admit, I gave up watching the show about 3 shows in, but apparently, a lot of folks are still watching it and its still winning awards.

Although I missed most of the telecast, I did catch her award and watched her accept it. She was wearing a beautiful, figuring hugging dark blue gown and she looked awesome. America has turned into a fully grown, sexy young woman. She graced the stage and graciously and articulately accepted her award in typical America fashion.

It appeared she’s lost a bit of weight from the last time I saw her (posted here in January) and she looked fantastic then! I have no clue how much weight she’s lost, but she still looked healthy and most importantly, happy.

Sadly, I was in the market yesterday and saw her photoshopped image on the cover of Glamour and immediately thought – why?!?! Why did they do that? Ok, I have no proof, she was photoshopped, but she looks photoshopped, and I don’t think anyone gracing a fashion magazine cover escapes it these days (just think Katie Couric). I don’t know about you, but I just want it to stop!! Taking perfectly beautiful women and reconstructing their bodies, even slightly makes me so mad! I’m not a Pollyanna, and I appreciate that professional pictures are touched up and have been since the beginning of time, but reconstructing body parts? Slenderizing arms and hips and legs (think Martha Stewart and Kate Winslet), it’s infuriating!

Was America not beautiful enough for them the way she was? Who knows why America decided to lose weight – I hope it was her own idea and not the pressure she must feel being a young actress in Hollywood, but whatever the reason, it apparently wasn’t good enough for Glamour.

2 responses to “America Ferrera Embracing and Gracing Glamour”

  1. Israel says:

    i think they made her look horrendous, she is a natural curvy women and used to embrace it. sad sad day.

  2. gina says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying that she “used to embrace her size”. Its just simply unhealthy to be overweight like she was. I mean, sure her size was normal compared to other people in america, but it was unhealthy. And just because she’s taking a step to be healthier doesn’t mean she’s “not comfortable with herself”

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