Always Be Prepared – NOT!


Hope your Thanksgiving was a beautiful treat – I’m thankful that it came, and now I’m thankful that it’s over :-). Just a tip, if you always put the carcass in the freezer to make soup later, and in 6 months you find it buried in the freezer and can barely recognize what it was, this time just skip the middle step and throw it out now!

We’re rounding the last corner of this year, and I’m wondering about what could make a real difference in the new year, if you identified and purposed to behavior differently, or added a behavior. I’ve come upon the idea of not borrowing trouble – going for the “fire-proof” choice at every decision.

I’ve decided that I will not spend all my time trying to be a Swiss army knife at the expense of what’s happening in the moment! Did you ever resolve to be “the best” student in the world, taking intense notes during a lecture, highlighting important passages as you furiously hovered over your notepad like a demented beaver? And then did you find that at the end of the lecture, you had absolutley no idea what it was about – you got all the parts and missed the point because you were so involved in “getting it it all down” that you failed to realize that you didn’t “get it”?? Well, no more for this girl.

The turkey carcass tip exemplifies my new operating theory. It feels really good not to have a picked apart carcass of guilt sitting in my freezer right now. I think the Girl Scout message of “always be prepared” has not done well for me – I’m constantly preparing for things that don’t happen!

Take some time today to think about what in your thought patterns do not really support your life. Even if getting some alone time to think this through requires a major effort, it will be worth it.

Best – Gina

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