Excuse Me, Where’s Your Affirmation Room?


“Excuse me, I need to use my affirmation room,” I said to a friend on the phone the other night. She laughed and asked me what the heck an affirmation room is. “The bathroom,” I clarified…”It’s a Green Mountain thing.”

Darla, Green Mountain’s behavioral psychologist, encourages us to use the bathroom as our “affirmation room,” a predictable place we’ll visit where we can make these statements – affirmations – that will move us away from negative self talk to neutral or positive self talk.

More than just inserting positive self talk, affirmations are helpful in shutting down the damaging negative self talk we do and interrupting our self-bullying thoughts. You know, the thoughts like, “I look so fat in this jacket” or “Why am I so lazy?” Well, the fewer of these thoughts we have, the less likely we are to overeat or binge eat to numb our emotions.

In fact, when we say an affirmation repetitively, it seeps down into the deeper layers of our core beliefs and can change our brains and our thinking.

This is where the “Affirmation Room” comes in. Going to the bathroom, ladies’ room, restroom, powder room, loo – whatever you want to call it – is something we predictably do every day, several times per day. In other words, it’s a great place to make affirmations a habit, too.

If negative self chatter is affecting you, try experimenting with affirmations and look for your affirmation room. First, start by checking out Green Mountain’s tips for creating affirmations that work. And then, check out Darla’s video below on creating an affirmation room.

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