It Happened This Week: Advice from Registered Dietitians, Not the Food Police


Moving away from diet rules can lead to enlightened eating.

Rebecca Scritchfield, RD encourages us to eat an unbalanced plate of food along with our balanced plate.  That’s just one of five great tips she gives in in “The Most Effective Diet: Listening to Your Body.”

Are you still wary of fat in your food?  Janet Helm, RD encourages you to overcome your fear of fat, based on research that shows “fat-free or low-fat salad dressing reduced the absorption of fat-soluble carotenoids – beneficial compounds in the salad such as lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.”  She goes on to say, “So by buying some type of bottled fat-free dressing instead of mixing up your own vinaigrette with a luscious-tasting extra-virgin olive oil, you’re not only missing out on the benefits of the oil, you’re getting less out of the salad you just tossed.”  We’ve always served luscious house salad dressings at Green Mountain, for both those reasons.  Here’s one of our current favorites.

When I first saw Janet’s post, I thought the title “Overcoming Your Fear of Fat” was talking about fear of fat on your body.  So I blogged about that in my own post titled “Overcoming Fear of Fat” on We Are The Real Deal.  I include some great tips from Green Mountain’s body image experts for starting to think positively about your body.  This is not the type of advice you get from typical weight loss camps.

If you’re working to become a normal eater, do nutrition facts labels help…or hurt?  Ellyn Satter, RD and colleagues answer that question in “Eating Competence and Nutrition Facts Labels.”

Finally, if you haven’t signed our Declaration of Independence from Dieting yet, please do!  We’re going to keep collecting signatures because we’ve been told the act of signing it feels so empowering to those who are moving away from the struggles that dieting has caused in their lives.  We’ll periodically update the image to include new signatures, so add yours today by leaving your name in the comment section.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  What fun do you have in store?

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