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Lately I’ve been amused at how adventurous our chef David Smith is with the foods he is willing to try.  As an omnivore, he has no fear of tofu or trying my crazy soy yogurt.  He may be mildly fearful of my green smoothies but he’s still willing to try them out of curiousity.  Today I found him concocting a smoothie with black beans. Why?  Just because.  It tasted amazing; I was even shocked.

I’m starting to have a great appreciation for people who tell me “I’ll eat anything” when we ask them about their dietary restrictions upon arrive at our healthy weight loss spa.  We seem to be noticing a trend lately of people becoming more and more limited in the foods they are willing to eat.  Granted an allergy or intolerance is a valid reason to avoid foods, but having a list of foods you refuse to eat because of a vague dislike is a sad thing to see.

Most of us have certain foods that are not our absolute favorites, but sometime we need to be open to trying those foods in a variety of forms.  Being brave and willing to experiment may provide you with a wide variety of foods you do enjoy instead of being locked into the same-old same-old every day.  Variety, after all, is key to health and wellness.

For example, plain cooked beets don’t really get me too fired up.  I could easily say, “I don’t like beets,” and be done with them.  However I have found that I love raw beets shredded into my salads.  I DO like beets, it just depends on how they are prepared.

I’d like to challenge our readers to purposely put a food in your grocery cart the next time you shop, that you’ve either never tried or haven’t eaten in forever because you’ve determined you don’t like it.  Take it home, prepare it using an actual recipe — don’t wing it — and see what you think.  You may be surprised at the result.

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  1. Speaking of beets, I thought I didn’t like them. The only way I’d ever tasted them on rare, rare occasions were pickled. But then someone suggested roasting them and serving with goat cheese and walnuts. I tried it, and I love it. I have that meal about once per month now.

    Trying something new is always a good thing. Even if we don’t find something we’ll like, at least we’ve broadened our knowledge and experience.

  2. Your Beauty Speaks says:

    Nice post. I am proud to say I eat anything except non-veg. I have never developed a dislike for anything. I felt akin when I went through your blog. Yes the immunity has gone down to a great extent as we plan and avoid foods. Unlike others I eat everything and depend on water and workout for my figure and health.

  3. Jill says:

    As my vegetarian roommate at GM@FR told me, “Don’t blame the vegetable, blame the preparation.” And she’s totally right! Although there are still some vegetables no matter how they are prepared, just don’t feel good in my body. I’m still willing to try them in new ways from time to time.

  4. RJ says:

    I tend to shy away from foods I didn’t like as a kid, such as beets even though I am almost 40 now. I don’t mind black beans and never thought to blend them in a drink. Part of the reason why I limit the foods I consume for health is due to simplicity. I am not sure that is a good excuse though for not eating more beets 🙂

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