Could Achieving a Healthy Weight Be That Simple?


Beth is back this week with more adventures in normal eating. Or at least the journey towards normal eating. She shares a big discovery about the process of change. For our part, we’re so happy she’s found such a tremendous source of support for continuing on her path towards freedom with food and weight.

My Insightful Lunch With A Mindful Eater

I had lunch recently with a good friend.  Caryl is a beautiful woman, slim* and fit.  She eats well and exercises often.  I have known her for over 30 years and she has always been a mindful eater and in spectacular shape.

She is also, I should add, the happiest person I know – always upbeat, smiling and in a good mood.  In addition to her wonderful nature, she has always been a true friend in that she has weathered my dieting ups  and downs over the years, listening to my latest lament over weight gain or elation at finding (I thought) the diet that would finally work.

She always told me that I was beautiful just the way I was but wished me good luck on my latest journey, all the while maintaining a constant healthy weight (and outlook!) herself while I yo yo-ed with both weight and demeanor from some highs to some very lows.

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So there we were at lunch.  I was telling her all about Green Mountain and the knowledge I gained there about healthy eating, exercise and a changed attitude about my relationship to food.

Caryl’s Own Healthy Weight Success Story

Caryl shared that she had been larger when she was young.   Absolutely shocked, I asked “How large?”

“Fat,” she answered.

What the heck?  How long ago?  What did you do about it?  How did you keep it off?

“Just the way you are doing, Beth”, she answered.

Apparently Caryl had figured out that her relationship to food needing fixing between her ears and not so much between her gums.

She went on to say that I am at a stage in this process where it still feels like I’m trying something on to see if it fits.  She would be right.

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I’ve woken up every morning of the four weeks since I left Green Mountain thinking about what I will eat, when I will eat it, how I will eat it and when I will exercise.  I need to plan it out in my brain and be mentally proactive about my choices for the day.  I need to plan mealtimes, schedule time for exercise and anticipate hunger danger zones (3pm) with pre-planned activities.

All well and good, said Caryl, and important on my journey to effecting a change in lifestyle.

“Because that’s what it is,” she said.  “When you get to the point where you’re not thinking about your new path and you’re just living it, then you will have altered your lifestyle for the better and, most importantly, forever!”

Healthy Eating And Living: Could it be that simple?

achieving a healthy weight carl rogersCould I actually alter my lifestyle to the point where healthy eating and a healthy relationship to my body exist automatically?

All I have to do is think back to the wonderful people I met at Green Mountain to know that it is possible and I am on my way to making the permanent change.  For now, I’m still thinking it through every day but I’m feeling the changes for the better and that is reinforcing my commitment.

When I’ve arrived at being on “automatic,” Caryl and I will still have lunches together, she will still tell me how beautiful I am, but my latest diet will be off the list of things to discuss.

It’s about time.

*Ed. Note: It is important to note that not everyone’s healthy weight would be classified as “slim”. We all come in different sizes and for many of us, our healthy weight is higher than the societal “ideal”.

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  1. AmberLynn Pappas says:

    Keep at it Beth! It sounds like you’ve got a great support system that is there for you without forcing you to change. A natural progression to something new is always best and I think you’re getting there gracefully!

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