5 Reasons Why Accepting Compliments is Good for Women’s Health and Self-Esteem


Why Women May Have Difficulty Accepting Compliments

5-reasons-to-accept-complimentsHave you ever given someone a compliment and then have it rejected by that person?  Or have you yourself received a compliment but then downplayed the acknowledgement?  I’ve certainly been guilty of downplaying a compliment and have also been on the flip side and had compliments that I have given out dismissed – and, interestingly, usually by women.

This got me wondering…why do many women routinely downplay self-acknowledgment and/or outside recognition of their strengths?

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In my observation for some, not accepting a compliment may reveal a lack of worthiness around positive recognition. Others, however, may believe that accepting a compliment feels like a form of bragging.

Or maybe it’s just a conditioned response to receiving positive attention and praise as one is no longer invisible, but being seen and acknowledged in that moment. For some people being seen can be more unnerving rather than welcome.

Learn To Welcome Compliments With Grace

Regardless of the reason(s), not accepting compliments does more harm than good to a person’s mental and emotional health.

I say we stop dismissing compliments and instead learn to welcome compliments with grace and appreciation.

5 Reasons Why Accepting Compliments Is Good For Your Health and Self Esteem

For some of you this may feel strange at first, but if you still need convincing here are 5 reasons why accepting a compliment is good for your health.

Accepting a compliment:

1 Builds self-esteem.

People with high self-esteem typically see their strengths and in turn appreciate being acknowledged for them. Graciously receiving a compliment states that one is – quite simply – worthy of being complimented.

 2 Is a practice in self-assertion.

Self-expression and self-assertion are important components in cultivating overall self-esteem. Having a voice – even in the way of accepting a compliment – makes a statement that says: I MATTER.

Shows appreciation for self and for the compliment-giver.

Accepting a compliment with a simple ‘Thank you for saying that’ allows you to bring in the positive and at the same time show the love back. Receiving rather than dismissing compliments honors everyone involved.

Models how to accept a compliment with grace.

Accepting a compliment models for others (our kids, friends, family) a healthy way to take care of ourselves.

Takes in the good to teach us how to receive and recognize the positive in life.

If you err on the side of ‘cup half empty’ when it comes to how you view yourself, then use accepting compliments as an exercise in changing your mind. The more we focus on the positive, the more we can recognize and be grateful for the good in life.

So, the next time someone pays you a compliment, there is no time like the present to begin to fully understand and accept your worth.

Embrace the fact that you are absolutely worth it.

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