A Workout for Body & Soul


The summer was tough for me.  My hairdresser was always gone when I needed her.  Bad hair days are awful, and when they go on for weeks because you can’t get a good haircut, well, it can get pretty scary.  But if that’s the worst thing that I have to deal with, I’m doing well.

One of the times my hairdresser went missing, she could be found at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  She actually owns and operates a wonderful day spa nearby and really practices what she preaches.  She’s been to Kripalu several times for various reasons, but this time she was there to learn DansKinetics.  I was pleased to tell her that as part of its program to transform your life, Green Mountain at Fox Run has been offering DansKinetics as a movement therapy for several years now.

Our fabulous movement therapist Teri Hugo Hirss offers DansKinetics on Monday nights, at the beginning of the week when many women are just starting their stay at Green Mountain.  After 34 years of seeing women come through the doors not quite sure they’re ready to start the journey that Green Mountain represents, the staff agrees that Teri’s class is transformational.  It quells anxieties and helps participants connect with their bodies in a way that no standard physical activity class seems able to do.

If you can’t make it to Green Mountain any time soon to experience Teri’s class for yourself, check out DansKinetics teachers in your area.  You’ll not only get a great workout, you’ll really enjoy doing it.  Now that’s something to strive for!

Photo by Eric Vallin

2 responses to “A Workout for Body & Soul”

  1. Rhea says:

    I am thinking of visiting Kripalu sometime this fall. It would be my first time. I am a baby boomer. Come visit!

  2. Marsha says:

    Sounds great. Let us know if you make it, and how you liked DansKinetics (if you get a chance to experience it there).


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