A Weekend of Mindfulness


Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run we had a wonderful weekend of healthy eating, movement, SoulCollages®, self compassion, walks of mindfulness, and so much more. Alumnae came to the “Sustain the Change with Mindfulness” weekend for so many reasons: to reconnect, to renourish, to renew, to remind. One of our alums, Jacki Monaco of Los Angeles, summed up the retreat best with her touching poem “Together” that she shared with participants on the last night.


We have been tangled… and have tangled ourselves,

Taken our wants, our needs and stored them on shelves.

We have been broken… and broken our own hearts,

Torn is so many directions, we’ve each fallen apart.

But each piece that has fallen has broken the landing,

Of the next piece to fall, so here we are – still standing.

But not only standing have we succeeded to do,

We lived and survived what we’ve each been through.

Here in this safe place we have blended as one,

During the times we had almost become completely undone.

But together we recharge, reunite, reconstruct.

Out of desire, dedication… not due to luck.

It is by choice that we’ve changed how we feel, who we are,

In these moments when it hurts, remember there was no wishing star.

It is you, and you, and you and it is me,

It is our will to be stronger than we thought we could be.

And now once again – with new faces, new chapters,

Thank you all for the courage to remember I deserve love and laughter.

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