Fitness Friday: Your Weekend Motivation


If fitness poster of a journey of thousand mileshas been a challenge for you lately and you just aren’t “feeling it,” what if you readjusted your expectations? Instead of “I have to get a cardio workout in,” what if your goal is to just rake the front yard? Or instead of feeling as though you have to take at least a 4-mile walk, what if you make it your goal to go to a scenic park and take cool pictures of the leaves?

At Green Mountain, we consider these activities movement. Enjoyable, intrinsic movement. If your fitness expectations are completely outlandish, you’ll likely end up not doing anything at all. So, take a step back, and consider how “a single step” toward your fitness goals could look different. If there isn’t pleasure in the process, the journey will indeed feel longer.

Marc David recently reported that there is big metabolic difference between happy exercise vs. stressed exercise. I think the weekend should be about doing what feels good, what replenishes you and restores you for the week ahead. If your goals are stressful and feel like “shoulds,” it may be time to re-evaluate if they are really helping you at all.

3 responses to “Fitness Friday: Your Weekend Motivation”

  1. Barb winthrop says:

    liked this article and many others by Lisa..who is Lisa?

    • Lisa Christie says:

      Hi Barb! Thanks for the compliment. I am Lisa Christie – the marketing and communications manager at Green Mountain, not to be confused with our new behavioral leader Lisa Claudia Briggs. I am a former participant and I like to blog about what I experience as I try to Sustain the Change like everyone else who goes through our program. I hope people take away from my blog posts that lasting success means looking beyond the scale. Green Mountain has truly changed my outlook on life, health and weight and I love sharing what I observe and continue to learn here. Please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to blog about specifically and I’ll see what I can do!

  2. Cindy says:

    Good post, Lis. And boy, do my leaves need raking!

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