A Modest Proposal


This is a really hard post to write because I am FURIOUS!

I read an article in the Seattle Times by David B. Caruso of the Associated Press titled New York City health staff may start to track diabetics. 

It describes the idea kicking around the minds that comprise the NYC Board of Health — collect reports on laboratory samples that do not show the patient to have good diabetes control. Identify those bad patients that are costing all of us billions. Without asking or notification to the patient.

Once identified….well what then? Jail time (let’s call it a “health intervention”) – going to “camp” to control their diet, make them exercise regularly and force feed them their medication?

The Board of Health will be voting soon on this “Modest Proposal.” It’s obvious that, like the “war on obesity” being waged by the CDC et al through fairy tale statistics, there’s really not enough diseases left to go around – without inventing new diseases, wars, or epidemics, how’s a little ol’ public “health” agency to stay solvent? Invent the crisis of the month, and terrify everyone about what they aren’t doing right, and how their kids will never live to see their 30th birthday.

The real crisis is the lack of access to well-trained, thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate health care providers. Since when did healing a patient become equivalent to berating them for their diseases? How many well-insured, well-heeled professionals are afraid to go to their doctor, because they don’t want to be belittled for what they should be doing….what happened to real patient care??!! How much harder must it be for those that are under-insured and poor to attain medical care?

The question asked in the article, “The question is, how much privacy are they willing to give up for a chance at better health?” How sad – access to reliable medical care has degraded to the point that someone must choice between privacy and health (or rather a “chance” at health).

Where has the decency and common sense gone?


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